Friday, April 1, 2011

Out of the mouth of JRH

IMG_7833 This morning:
Mommy: John I washed your favorite shirt from Bobba.  Do you want to wear it today?

(He has only worn it 3 times this week!?!?!)

John: (with HUGE grin across his face) YES MOMMY YES...and thank you...thank you...thank you Mommy...oh I love you Mommy...thank you...thank you...thank you!

(ended with almost crippling leg hug from a happy little boy!) 

We are starting swimming lessons next week so I took John to the pool this week so he could see where the lessons would take place.  It is a small, shallow, kiddies pool - perfect for beginners!  When we got the the car I was so excited and asked John if he was excited and he said "no way!"  Disappointed I asked why??  And with his hands on his hips he told me "he was NOT going to take a bath with strangers!"  It was so funny!  I tried to explain to him that no one would be nude and it's swimming not bathing!  He was still not going for it!  Monday should be interesting....IMG_1429I put some of Christina's stuff on his Thomas the Train table last night before going to bed.  This morning he informed me "if I pulled a stunt like that again he was going to beat me like a step-child!"  (Oh dear....Randy & I must really watch what we say!) IMG_1437He has been very upset that I only feed sister sugar and why can't he have sugar like sister?  I told him it wasn't sugar it was formula...he didn't believe until he tasted it!  He now calls it "baby milk" instead of sugar!

One of my monthly pads was laying on the bathroom counter yesterday and of course the "what is this question came up"?  I told him it was a girly thing...not to worry about it.  He said "it's okay Mommy I haft to wear diapiess at night too"...then he proceed to tell some strangers that "Mommy wears diapers like sister"!IMG_7831


Janine Deckard said...

Yes, the whole "mommy diapers" thing freaks out Tzipi. Azariah has the sense to just leave the whole subject alone. Tzipi is just too curious for her own good. When I told her it happens to almost all women, she just looked at me with a pale expression on her face.

Great blog post!!! Thank you for taking the time to do it!

Laura Fiskin said...

Bathing with I like that. Actually, an observant kid-that's what it probably looks like to a preschooler!