Thursday, April 7, 2011

Renewing my Energy

Summertime is just around the corner and I am anxious to get John "involved" in activities.  Since I was pregnant last year with zero energy I want....and feel like I need to make it up to my little man.

As I mentioned in my last blog...John started swimming lessons this week.  I was so excited for him - I loved to swim or be anywhere near a pool when I was a child.  Plus I understand the importance of knowing how to swim.  My cousin was very afraid of the water and this fear bothered him his entire life.  I told John he was going to take lessons for two reasons...#1.  he has to know how to swim, and #2.  I want him to have some fun!


Our first lesson was Monday afternoon.  There were three other little people in his class...I thought it would be perfect.  I remember taking to the pool like a fish without any hesitation!  Unfortunately John did not inherit my zest for "just jump right in and learn"! 

The lesson on Monday was awful!   He took one step in the pool and started to screamed...then he was petrified.  To make a long story short we finally got him to sit on the steps of the pool but when the instructor was about to pour water on his head he told her she couldn't do that..."he had a heart condition", then she asked him to blow bubbles in the water and he told her he couldn't..."he had a bad cough"...then he politely did a fake cough.  Lastly she wanted him to put his face in the water but he told her "it would make him very sick".  Seriously?!?!  As soon as class was over John started begging me NOT to bring him back.Calvin_and_Hobbes__Swimming_by_xX_Pureness_Xx I called the aquatics director to see about a refund but that wasn't possible.  She told me to hang in there a few more lessons...she would make John a priority.  If nothing else we would do some private lessons.

Our next class was Wednesday and my little man was ready to give it another try!  He had his swim suit on at least 4 hours before class and was bouncing off the walls to go swimming.   I was "pumped up....yea!!!  this is going to work".  Aunt Leelee was going to meet us there for extra was going to work!!  NOT!!  It was 10x worse than the first go around...there was even more crying & hysterics!!!  What was I going to do?!?!

Then aquatics director suggested we try a "Mommy & Me" class.  It's designed for 6 to 36 month toddlers but John & I could attend since he's technically 3....and I could swim with him.  She told us to come on Thursday evening.

thumbnailCAALV700 So.....John and I went back to the pool tonight....I didn't know what to think...I was just going to flow with it.  When we first got in the water he was scared...and then I insisted that he stand on his feet since the water was only 2.5 ft deep and John is well over 3 ft tall.  When he stood up and realized the water was not above his head his courage and confidence blossomed.  It was amazing...he went under the water, he blew bubbles, he floated & kicked on his back & was GREAT!!  He didn't want me to help...he was laughing & smiling from ear to ear!!  The teacher asked us why in the world were we in this class John needed to be in the next level class so I explained our situation and she was fine with our decision.  I asked John if he wanted to return to his regular class and he said no.  Randy and I decided tonight to finish the Mommy & Me class & maybe move up to the other class next month.

He did cry again tonight!!!  thumbnailBut this time he cried because he didn't want to leave!!

As he was going to bed tonight...out of the blue....he hugged my neck and said "thank you Mommy for taking me to swim lessons and thank you for swimming with me.  I had a great time!"

Just when I think I am over my head doing the Mommy thing one of my babies will say something, smile at the right moment, or do something that renews my Mommy energy.  Thanks God for knowing when I need a refill!!

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