Monday, April 18, 2011

Harper Valley...I mean Ector Jr High

I hope you have your volume turned on.  I want you to hear the song makes me laugh and smile really big.  I heard it this afternoon and thought this would make a great blog moment.

Go back in time to the my last day of eight grade at Ector Junior was Spring of 1986.  I was so excited...summer break was about to start!  thumbnailOn this day I was wearing my favorite stone-washed mini skirt.  Yes, it was a mini skirt but it was not that short and I had wore it all year.  As I got off the bus and started toward the band hall Vice Principle Brown stopped me.  He told me that my skirt was too short and I was going to have to call my Mother to bring me something else to wear....and then he said "I bet your Mother doesn't even get up with you in the morning".  I could not believe he just said this!!  Not only did my Mom get up with me every morning, she made sure I had something to eat, my homework done, and most mornings she drove me to school so I wouldn't have to ride the bus!!  I was so upset.

I went to the front office crying and called my Momma to tell her what the VP said & to bring me another outfit.  I was mortified...I was going to have to stay in the office until she got there!  But after I hung up the phone I knew everything was going to be okay...there was a calmness in her voice like I had never heard.  I am sure you have heard of the "calm before the storm" was this type of calm.

It didn't seem like I waited that long until Momma came to my rescue.  When she walked in that front office she looked like a million bucks - I don't know how she pulled it together but she looked like she stepped out of a fashion magazine.  I don't remember her speaking to anyone and it seems like she marched into VP Brown's office.  One thing I do remember...before VP Brown could say anything Momma looked at him and said "Well...I'd like to address this meeting of the Harper Valley PTA!" 

I loved it!  It's my first memory of someone standing up for me.  VP Brown was speechless!!

Mom brought me a pair of pants but she told VP Brown she didn't understand why there was an issue with the skirt -I wore it all year but she wasn't going to arguing...this was his school.  Then she told VP Brown..."let me make one thing clear...I have three children and I got up....and get up every morning with all three of my children."

It was the best.  Thanks Momma!

What could have been an embarrassing moment turned out to be one of my best memories.

 The day my Momma socked it to VP Brown!SCAN0148


Linda said...

Great memory and great post. Glad your momma stood up for you but did it in a respectful way and still followed the rules. Shows she has real class!

Mookie 59 said...

I'll bet your mother could have given Barbara Eden a run for her money back, then!! Barbara Eden played the mother who socked it to the Harper Valley PTA in the 1978 movie...I can hear it now The day my momma socked it to the Ector Jr High V.P.Brown!!!!