Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I thought we had a swim lesson tonight but we didn't so we had some free swim time.  swimmingIt was great for a few minutes until four "low-life" teenagers invaded our space.   I don't mean to sound so rude but I was ...and I am still very aggravated.

All 4 teenagers could swim every good.  Why they chose the 3 foot kiddy pool to horse around in was beyond me.  There is a larger indoor pool at this location that would have been better...apparently they had already been there  before crashed our time....they were wet. 

These teenagers were playing all over the kiddy pool making it impossible for me to work with John.  They would jump in...which would make me cringe since the pool is so swallow, they would piggy-back each other, and then run around the pool.  Two of the teenagers were kissing, hugging on each other, and "caressing" each other.  They couldn't have been more than 14 or 15 - it was disgusting...I almost broke into my abstinence speech!

I finally had enough and got out. 

I did mention to them how immature and rude it was of them to take over the kiddy pool.  John was very disappointed but I explained in great detail why we couldn't swim anymore plus we would be back for lessons on Wednesday & Thursday.

As we were leaving I spoke to a girl at the front desk about the teenagers behavior and she told me they were allowed to be in that pool.  I then suggested they should have someone supervising this area....and she said nothing.  As I was walking away she did tell someone to go check out the kiddy pool.

It bothers me that there was not closer supervision...especially around the pool area.  The aquatic director gave the parents a long speech about pool/water safety last week...I wonder what she would have thought about the activities in "her" pool tonight.  I was considering joining this gym so we could swim this summer but I am having serious doubts.

Maybe I am just getting old?!?! 

I remember my Mom being really strict about the rules around swimming pools when I was little.  I guess it's true..."Mirror, Mirror on the wall....I am my Mother after all"!


Laura Fiskin said...

I would have been twice as mad as you but too chicken to say anything to them. Their mommas should have taught them better.

Linda said...

I too would have been mad, no wait a minute, I am mad about it. Seems like the rules/manager are all "talk" and no follow through. You are not old, just sensible. My momma too . . . rules rules rules. And now I know why.

Janine Deckard said...

I would have said something to the kids. I would have told them that we have been working really hard and if they could kindly choose another place to play. I don't have a problem talking to other children. You never know, they might have stopped. Or you could have asked them to help. They were bored. Put 'em to work. But I'm very upset that the woman you spoke with said that they were allowed to swim in the small pool, especially if they were endangering themselves. It would have been the pools liability had they broken their necks.