Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Set Free

Christina's Story - Most of you know this story already but I promised the Lord I would speak of His Work, His Words and His Glory.  Over the next several days I am going to share what has become Christina's Testimony.  Glory be to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am not sure why but all day Saturday, September 12, 2009 I was thinking about Max (our baby we miscarried in the Spring of 2009) and wondered if Randy and I were going to have another child.  Could we go through another miscarriage?  Could I handle another 9 months of pregnancy?  I was in fear.

During my prayer time that morning I told the Lord I was going to need another the one He sent for John or some sign that we should have another baby.  “Just” getting pregnant was not the sign I needed…I wanted to hear from Him.

That evening we went to the Saturday service at Trinity Fellowship. As we waited for the service to start I was talking to God about sending me someone to tell me to have a baby.

The service started but I was still in my little world about wanting an Angel or a sign.  About that time my friend Sheri Lovota took a seat a few rows ahead of me….I asked the Lord to have her tell me I should have a baby.

Wouldn’t that be something! I have not spoken to Sheri in several months – Lord...have her tell me I should have another baby! Better yet Lord…make it a stranger!  Just have someone tell me to have a baby…like my Taco Villa Angel! 

Yea…that’s what You should do!

Then Pastor Jimmy asked everyone to stand and I snapped out of my delusional thoughts. What was I thinking!?!?!

As we stood the sanctuary was unusually quite - Pastor Jimmy had been praying for people with fears and addictions. Then Pastor Jimmy spoke and said....

“There’s one woman here right now that you have the fear of losing another baby cause you lost a baby and the Lord says you will not lose another baby but you will have other babies – healthy and strong. So don’t live in fear. Don’t live in fear. ”

At that moment I felt my knees give way and I fell into my chair and starting sobbing uncontrollably. Randy and I had to leave because I could not “get it together”.

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard…I had just requested it from the Lord and there was my answer.

On Monday morning I called the church and spoke to someone in audio who provided me with a cd of the words Pastor Jimmy spoke that evening. I was still in disbelief of what I had heard.

After I received the cd with the prophetic word from Pastor Jimmy I immediately went to the store and bought several ovulation test kits and started charting my cycle.

My dream was alive and I was not letting go.


Kalee said...

Ok woman! I have ready this same post like 5 times and listened to it like 5 times.. and every time .. i get the same chills and the same tears in my eyes!!! I'm so thankful that you had a "healthy" pregnancy! ;) and now you and Randy .. And John have a healthy and BEAUTIFUL baby Girl Christina!!! =) God is Good!! God is amazing.. He leaves me Speechless in moments like these! ;)

Deonne said...

Me too, even though I'd heard the story it was amazing to hear the prophetic words of Jimmy. God is Good all the time. I am so happy for you, Randy, John and Christina.

daragamble said...

What a blessing. I was cleaning out my inbox recently and reread our email exchanges during your trying and difficult times. Your disappointments are a drop in the bucket compared to your joy. You, Randy and John have received the greatest gift in the world, the gift of a daughter/sister's love.
"Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart" Psalm 37: 4

I look forward to many years of stories about first days of school, first loves and first heartbreaks, first days of high school and eventually first days of college. I love you and cherish your strength and joy!