Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bring Your Saucer Over!

18 months of pregnancy         

Two painful Caesarian Sections           

10,000 prayers

20,000 tears

150 lbs of H2O Weight

Countless Sleepless Nights

20 Spinal Epidural "Sticks"

Worrying & Fretting over "what might be"

IMG_7477IMG_7475Cuddling in my big comfortable chair with my two...healthy & happy sleeping babies - PRICELESS!

Bring your saucer over cause my cup is running over!


Linda said...

Love it and yes all our cups are running over.I was very convicted of that very fact today in church. We have nothing to complain about. We had a guest speaker from Sudan and it really brought it home what a cushy life we really do have here in America. I'm so glad you all are home and enjoying some cuddling time.

Laura Fiskin said...

My what a little slice of Heaven you have! (hey, call me)

Mookie 59 said...

That's Heavenly Peace,Baby!!!