Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Please Mommy it's been a week since I have got to be close to sister!  Let me get a little closer...I promise not to cough.IMG_7405 One quick cheek kiss.  No germs involved...and she loves me.IMG_7423She wants me to tickle her....see she's laughing!! IMG_7424I want to snuggle...only a moment...plllleeeaaassseee.IMG_7427When she gets upset she likes me to say "pedal...pedal...pedal".IMG_7434IMG_7435IMG_7441IMG_7400IMG_7391IMG_7386IMG_7381IMG_7365IMG_7363IMG_7359IMG_7356


Laura Fiskin said...

She is SOOOOOO cute and the pictures together are very sweet. He probably does wonder if he actually has a sister since they have been separated for so

Deonne said...

Can you say ADORABLE!!! You will not be able to keep me away this week. I'm just warning you now!!!

Mookie 59 said...

Beautiful,and wonderfully heartfelt pictures..Thanks for sharing them,Tina!!Love ya'll,Kevin

Darla said...

What a wonderful post! I love the pictures of them together but the ones of her "contemplating" are priceless.

Remember what I told you she is thinking about? In case you have forgotten, or didn't have time to read all the things I sent I will remind you...

She is trying to remember all the things of G-d that the angel taught her before she left heaven to come and live here with us. She knew all the secrets of heaven and holiness before the angel touched her on the lips and it made her forget. When she is smiling she is thinking about that sweet touch.

But not to worry. Remembering things we once knew is easier than learning things the first time. So, she has everything in her heart and hidden in her memory that she will need to become a spiritual and special woman. You can see it on her face even now!

I hope this week is a better week for you all. Sickness! Go away - and DON'T come back another day!