Monday, January 10, 2011

Less than 24 hour…

For what it’s worth….it’s really not that hard to blog while laying on your left side…okay typing with one hand is not that easy…but I am managing.

ThimagesCAJPABUBe next two blogs I am going to ask for your prayers…specific prayers at that.  Yesterday I told you I was having issues sleeping…apparently someone prayed for me…I slept great last night and so did Randy & John – thanks!

Please pray for the following:

#1.  My OB/GYN –Dr. Wendell Ashby.  I love my doctor and he’s a great Christian man.  When I had John Dr. Ashby took the best care of us!!  I love his wife Tina & his nurse Kalee and the entire staff.  Please pray God grant him wisdom and guide his hand in birthing our baby girl.  

#2.  Our Pediatrician – Dr. John Young.  I had lots of recommendations for Dr. Young when I was interviewing pediatricians for John.  I am so glad I choose Dr. Young…he is very intelligent, kind, compassionate, and patient with me & Randy.  Plus I love his office staff too…I have become really good friends with several people in his office.   Please pray that God grant him wisdom in taking care of our daughter.

#3.  The unknown Anesthesiologist.  This one is really important to me.  I know the two men above really well…I know they are both the best at what they do.  I will not know my anesthesiologist until tomorrow.  Most of you know the complete nightmare I had with the anesthesiologist when I had John.  It took several…over 12 pokes to get the epidural started…at least that’s when I stopped counting.  I could feel it go down my right leg but not my left leg…so he would have to pull out and try again…the next time it might go down the left side but not the right side.  I had everyone in the room saying Philippians 4:13 by the time my epidural took.  Tomorrow I will be getting an 18-hour spinal epidural called Astra morph.  Please pray that God guides my anesthesiologist to administer the medicine quickly with no complications.  Please pray that I have no bad reactions or headache to the medicine.

#4 The Nurses & Staff at the Hospital.  So far I have really been impressed with the staff on the labor & delivery floor.  They have been very patient and kind to me with all of my questions.  My last hospital experience at the other hospital was not that great…the night nurses were not attentive & not too nice.  Thank goodness my Mom was there to help me.  Please pray that God gives me sweet & caring nurses & CNA’S.

#5.  My Boys – Randy & John.  Need I say more?  This is going to be an adjustment for both of them….I am not sure which one is going to be in more shock.  I can tell that Randy is nervous about my health and the fact that he is about to have a daughter.  John had a “moment” when he seen his stuff rearranged to make room for sister.  Randy explained to him that he had to rearrange his stuff when he came along so we have to do the same for sissy.  John was like okay…I get it. Please pray this does not shake up their world – too much.  (Between you and I this bed rest thing has been great for my marriage.  Randy seems to appreciate me and told me my job is much harder than his job and he would not want my job full time.  I love it….cause I really love my job!  On more than one occasion I have woke up to Randy praying over me, stroking my hair, or just touching my shoulder to make sure I am okay.)

#6  My Family.  I am going to be depending on my parents and sister-in-laws for help.  I am not sure how or what I will need but I know that I am not going to be able to do this all by myself.  It’s really hard for me to ask for help…I don’t know why but it’s hard for me to ask for help or assistance.  My Mom was a jewel when I had John and I could not have made it without her.  Please pray that I know my limits and don’t try to push it. 

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Linda said...

Love you all and so happy to pray for all your requests and those you haven't voiced. Lately I have heard over and over, "God hears your prayers when you don't have the words to voice them." See you tomorrow!!!!