Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day Almost Gone...

When I was pregnant with John everything had to be perfect.  He had to have his own room, lots of clothes, the highest rated car seat & stroller, the most popular baby bottles on the market, and the swing that matched the bouncy seat that matched the jumper.  I spent countless hours researching almost every product, reading 3 different pregnancy books, subscribing to parenting magazines, reading what to expect the first year and watching anything about childbirth.  In the days before his birth I was so was new ground & I wasn't sure what to expect.  I soon learned that no amount of literature, media, or advice could replace my own motherly instinct.

It is strange having the second child because I don't have the same anxieties, questions, or emotions like I had with John.  For example; baby girl doesn't have her own room.  Yes, we have an extra room in our home but due to money & space issues we could not justify changing this room to a nursery.  I have been every upset over this quandary but it's the right decision for the time.  Even if she had her own room she would not sleep in it...I like having my babies close to me.  She is sharing a closet with John and she has her own chest of drawers.  The changing table is still set-up in John's room along with my recliner/rocker.  I am completely happy with the's going to work for us.

We are ready for a newest addition.IMG_7251 The clothes that she can wear now are washed & ready to use.IMG_7250 Baby bottles & breast pump supplies are sterilized & ready to use.IMG_7243She has two beds ready for sleeping.IMG_7248    And John's car seat, swing & bouncy are still like brand new!IMG_7245IMG_7246Last but not least our bags are almost ready to go.IMG_7244John is excited....he thinks we are going to a hotel.  He got his new Thomas luggage and started packing pajamas & socks in it.  Not sure how it's going to go next week but I am sure Randy can handle it.  

Changing the subject...I didn't sleep at all last night however...I had the best day today.  I haven't napped once today in hopes that I will be able to sleep tonight...the anticipation of Tuesday morning has me as excited as a small child at Christmas!  Randy and I have nothing at all to do tomorrow so we can relax and rest up.

My brother Allen that lives in Corpus Christi has to be in Denver, Colorado all next week for business so he volunteered to drive to Colorado instead of flying so he could spend the day with me he will be able to stop by next Saturday and see his newest niece.  Allen came over around 2pm and stayed several hours which made the day go by quickly.  He sweet talked Mom into making some of her great West Virginia hotdogs and I conned him into bringing me a couple.  He brought me 4....and they were absolutely wonderful!  Of course I didn't eat all 4 of them...once Randy had a bite he had to have one.  They hit the spot perfect.

My blood pressure is still high and the swelling in my feet, ankles, legs & now my face are not subsiding....even after rest.  Only one more day and life can get back to normal...or at least the new normal.  Am so excited!!  Can you tell??


Deonne said...

I too am so excited and can't wait to meet my newest niece.

Darla said...

You would have enjoyed hearing Rabbi Richman's message on Thursday night. He mentioned how so many of us humans shop much too often for material possessions we really don't need, but buy because they are the latest, or best, etc. etc. It seems you and Randy made the decision (wise decision, I might add) to use what you already have and not fall into the habit of buying more stuff.

I remember when Laurie, Pete, and I went to Israel several years ago and went to the home of Rabbi Brazil and his wife, Naomi. [They were here in Lubbock some years ago when one of their daughters needed specialized medical care. Their 12th child was born while they were here. They then had one more after returning to Israel.]

Their apartment is smaller than our house! In the childrens' bedrooms we did not see a lot of stuff. Mainly beds. It was actually very cool. I remember in one room there was a bunk bed. Then a trundle was pulled out from underneath the bottom bed. The trundle folded out to make 3 beds. I had never seen anything like it.
Each child has only a few outfits each, and they don't have lots of different pairs of shoes.
And that was one of the happiest bunch of children I had ever seen. While we were there they actually had lots of friends and cousins over too. It was crowded and loud, and a happy place. They didn't have possessions, but something much more important. They focused on singing songs, dancing, laughing, learning Torah, and loving each other.

I know that you and Randy have discovered that a simple life is a better life. I'm so happy you didn't run out and buy all new things. And sharing space isn't so bad.