Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Week....

The  difference a week can make. 
This time last week I could have nearly promised you I was knocking on death's door.  From last Tuesday until this Tuesday has to be one of the worst weeks of my life consumed by the biggest blessing I have ever had. 
Praise the Lord when I feel overwhelmed by what has happened, what is happening, my raging hormones/thyroid/anemia, and general exhaustion this is what I have to look at! 
My Sun Spot Baby!!IMG_7311IMG_7310 You remember the blog a few weeks ago about me questioning where the love is going to come from?  Will she change things?  How will I make it work??  Well Laurie...you were right.  She makes everything THAT much sweeter and even though she has only been here a week I can't imagine our life without her!
I am in love with a girl!
She is a little jaundiced - nothing to be concerned about but Daddy has her sunbathe every afternoon.  He came in last night with these sunglasses...his exact words were "these are Princess sunglasses....see it even says so on the side... Princess Sunglasses.  My Princess needs sunglasses!"IMG_7305You know how proud I have been that I am re-using everything from John's first years - car seats, jumpers, bouncers & such?  The car seat is pretty generic...it is red, gray and trimmed in black...but it works  I did put a small pink padded cushion in it and a pink cover for the winter time.  She came home in the car seat.010I sent Daddy out for diapers...since we had none and he came back with diapers and one of these....0009001401304_300X300I was so surprised...."why"???  He said he could not have his little girl going around town in a red & black car seat...she needed a girly pink one with flowers and birds.  He asked me if I was mad and how could I be??  It was really so sweet and cute.
John has been an excellent big brother and it really bothers him that he can't be around her right now since he has RSV.  On Saturday I was changing her diaper and she was crying so John jumped up on the top rail of the changing table and started gently touching her head telling her "it's okay sissy...no cry...it be alright."...and she stopped crying.    Once she stopped he jumped down and she started crying again so he started soothing her again...and then looked at me and said "she must love me Momma!" And I told him she does.
IMG_7300IMG_7296IMG_7290I am feeling a 100%  better but my blood pressure is still high.  I think the more water weight I lose the lower my blood pressure will go down and my doctor agrees.  Speaking of him I saw him today and had my 20+ staples removed...it sounds more painful than it was.  I also lost 52 pounds in one week...thanks to the baby and the water.  I have some new found energy and I am trying really hard not to overdo it but it is so tough since I feel like I have been down so long!
Randy and John have the back bedroom to themselves....it is like a mini man cave...since John needs to stay far away from Christina.  Every now and then I see the door fling open and I hear loud music, sounds, and yells coming from the room and see toys scattered everywhere.   Randy is being a great nurse administering all the medicine, breathing treatments, and carrying food on a little tray to John.  John will swing the door open and yell "hey Mom" when he hears me coming down the hall.  I guess I shouldn't worry so much.john2
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Janine Deckard said...

OH, that smile just melts my heart! I am so very very very happy for you! YAYAYAYAYAY! I'm so happy that John isn't stuck in some scary hospital.

So awesome! This is the best blog post ever. I know you are ever so busy recovering and being enraptured with your newest Hare, but if you are able, please please please keep taking pictures. I remember dressing Tzipi in a new outfit just so I could take a picture. I'm so excited! Thank you so much for posting today.

I continue praying for your family. Strength and peace be yours in our loving Creator's embrace!

Anonymous said...

She looks like a little ray of sunshine! How very wonderful for you to have been given this amazing gift....2 times! I still think she should have been a Scarlett O--but I love the name Christina also.
I'm so happy for you! XOXO Joy

Laurie said...

She is so very adorable :) I'm so glad to read that John is being such a great big brother too, it makes your heart melt to see such sweetness from such small people.

I'm with Janine, please keep taking and posting lots of pictures, I love squishy new babies.

I can't wait to meet the little princess and see you guys again.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Christina smiling. I am so happy for you all and praying that you all continue to recover and heal. Can't wait to give you all hugs. Leelee