Saturday, December 11, 2010


My Mother has always had the title of Imelda Marcos in ourimelda family because of her love of shoes.  Looking back she didn't have that many shoes but she did have and still has really cute shoes!  Maybe her love of shoes is from her childhood...she grew up where the children didn't have to wear shoes in the summer time.  I always thought that fact was amazing since I grew up in West Texas with grass stickers everywhere - no way go you could outside barefoot!  One time some cousins came to visit and they ran outside barefoot straight into a thicket of goat heads - I can still her cry in pain.

I have never had the love of foot ware that my Mother has. My foot is a size ten so finding stuff to fit has been a challenge and since I am almost 6 foot tall high heels make me a Amazon woman.  When I was in the corporate world I would always wear a moderate high heel - nothing too high but it was the standard black pump.  Most of my co-workers would have a matching pair of shoes for one outfit....I could not justify or afford  having only one pair of shoes for one outfit.

Since I have become a Mother...a stay-at-home Mother... I am all into comfort now.  I want something soft & warm like my Uggs, or a comfortable flip-flop or my tennis shoes.   I am currently wearing either a pair of Randy's shoes (John is proud to tell anyone and everyone that I am wearing Daddy's shoes - thanks John) or a pair of larger flip-flops even though it is 40 degrees outside since my feet are staring to swell. 

Anyway....maybe it's because I can't wear fancy shoes that I have some new stirred up "likings" to shoes.  I have never really paid attention to shoes until the past few weeks.  I was in Dillard's with Mom and the shoe department caught my eye for the first time.  Then I happened to turn on Oprah when Whoopi was on there and I loved the shoes she had on. Maybe it is just hormones?!?  I can still use that excuse right? 

These are the shoes Whoopi had on.  Except she had a red bow instead of the black bow.3665-1-lHere are some more that I love.2861-1-l2867-1-l2903-1-l03333551_zi03465246_zi03381172_zi03375968_ziI got a gift in the mail for Baby girl from my friend Christin who lives in Phoenix.  There was some cute outfits, bows, hats, and the most adorable pair of Uggs!  Her first shoes!  They are black patent leather Mary Janes.  The inside is lined with the wool that is typically lined in Ugg slippers - I can't wait to see her wear them!7150647a383572577268506339696869754151-260x260-0-0

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Linda said...

I love to LOOK at all those shoes, but would never try to wear them. I love the Baby Uugs best of all. I too can't wait to say Baby Kitt in them. She's going to be so styling.