Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Traditions

One of my most favorite traditions at Christmas is a greeting card that has been passed between my Mother and her sister Irene for the past 52 years.

front1958 was the first Christmas that my Mother was away from her family...that's the year my family moved to Texas.  My Aunt Irene sent my Mother this card and the next year my Mother sent the card back to her....and the tradition started.inside1inside1The scribbling on the card was from my cousin Vicky in 1965.  She signed the card and took it to her first grade teacher - the teacher promptly returned it to my Aunt.

backI love to read the stories of days gone by.  Some years they would write something and more recently due to space issues they sign their name and the year they had the card.inside2In 1965 my family was going home form Christmas.  Above Irene writes that she "will be looking for you (my Mom), Allen (my Dad), Al (my brother), Eddie (my brother Larry), Lawrence (my Uncle), Lou (my Aunt) and the baby (my cousin Stephen)".  This makes me sad - Stephen died in  June 2004. 

This card has survived many births, deaths, divorces, storms, and typical life events.  I don't believe they have ever missed a year in sending it to each other.outside2My Aunt Irene writes here on the right corner "This card is getting rough but it's something to look forward to every year.  One of these Christmases one of us will cry.  I don't know if this is good or bad."

I am not sure what will ever become of this card.  I hope someday it will belong to me.  I would frame it in a double sided frame and display it in my home every Christmas.  For me this card represents family, tradition, memories, and most of all love.

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Linda said...

Love it! I too would love for you to have it. Your story brought tears to my eyes. In today's world where there are not many traditions, I'm glad your mom and her sister still have one. Thanks for sharing.