Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting Closer

We are 33 weeks pregnant this week.  My widget on the right side of my blog shows we have 45 days to go but we actually have only 36 days...6 weeks until our new addition arrives.  If she stays put and doesn't come earlier we are scheduled to deliver on January 11th but that all depends on God - He is in control.

fetus As of today she should be about 18 inches longs and weigh about 5 pounds.  She should also have her eyes open when she is awake and closed when she sleeps.  She definitely recognizes voices.  When Randy talks to her or even talks to me she usually gives me a good kick.  She still moves constantly unlike John...John had me so concerned during the end of my pregnancy I had to have a sonogram to make sure he was okay.  She is a mover and a shaker that's for sure!

I am feeling great except I am very weepy and my feet & ankles are starting to swell really bad.  I was in bed most of the weekend with my feet propped up.  I am at that point where I have to use the restroom every thirty minutes and I get tired very easy.cartoon34My Mom has bought so many cute outfits for her....she said she is going to stay out of the baby department but the next day she calls me to tell me about her latest baby girl purchase.  It's really cute - I love it.  This is my parents first grand daughter...they are a little excited!

My best friend Laura surprised me with a package in the mail....I think I was suppose to take it to my baby shower next weekend but I couldn't wait!  Laura bought about 15 outfits!!  They are so cute and adorable - she says she couldn't resist.  She also bought baby girl these leggings...sort of like leg warmers (remember those) they are so great...and will keep her good and warm.  One of my favorite things in the box was 10 note cards she personally "penned" for me...the notes are encouraging and inspiring.  I can't wait to see Laura...she will be here in 17 days.IMG_7125My sister-in-law Christi surprised me with any early gift Saturday.  She dropped it on my front porch and drove away...then called me.  She bought baby girl the cutest outfit, with matching hat, head band, & blanket.  I can't forget to mention the matching burp cloth and ruffled underwear.  I loved it.  It cheered me up!  Randy is really worried...he is now understanding what "accessories"  truly are.IMG_7123We are just about ready.  Randy has helped me clean the house, wash baby stuff, and really nest.  It's a bittersweet moment...I love being pregnant and feeling her move & knowing she is safe.  I also know that this is my last pregnancy....I will be 39 next year and Randy will be 49 - we feel like we are a little "long in the tooth" to keep having babies.  On the other hand I can't wait to hold her, love her, see who she looks like, and.....start a routine. 

And....we finally have a name!

I let Randy name our daughter and I love it.  When he told me her name we both cried and at that moment we both knew that was her name

For those of you who don't know the "name game" has been a big challenge for Randy and I.  It seemed  like everyone had an opinion - negative opinion - about the names we liked.  When we named John nobody said anything but when we simply mention a name for our daughter many people had something to was very surprising. 

I let Randy make the final decision for our daughter's name since John Randall was my choice for our son.  We have decided as a couple we are not going to share her name until her birthday.  I am no longer worried about the name!  Whew - glad that's over!  Now....let's see how long I can go without slipping & telling you!


Laurie said...

I'm so excited for you! I love that you aren't sharing the name. Pete and I told no one, including our parents, the girls' names before they were born. I think it's nice to have some new information to share with people the day she is born. Especially if she is delivered on the day you expect her to be. So many times we know the gender, name, and birthdate of a child before he or she are born so it's exciting to not know the name.

Linda said...

I'm glad you finally made a decision. She will be loved no matter what. Counting the days until we all get to meet her.

Laura Fiskin said...

I LOVE you. Keep your chin up. I can't wait to see you.