Thursday, December 16, 2010

Seeing Santa and Other Things....

My Mom found this really cute outfit and hat for John.  I didn't think it would fit John but it did and I have had to wash it several times since the Monday morning purchase.  Needless to say it's John's favorite article of clothing.

This is not the best picture but I love the expression on his face!IMG_7151IMG_7154IMG_7165IMG_7177Every year I like to have John's picture taken with Santa. It was a tradition in my family....and I remember loving the opportunity to see Santa and tell him my wish list.  Randy doesn't "get into this" but he happily goes along with me.    I have been "prepping" John for the Santa experience for several weeks and we have looked at past Santa pictures to prepare him for this occasion.  Yesterday was the day John decided HE HAD TO SEE SANTA!!  All day he kept asking me to take him to see finally at 7pm I said "let's go"!  Randy was not so happy about going to the mall at 7pm...10 days before Christmas but I really need this picture to finish a Christmas project I am working on and John was a willing participant. 

Off to the mall we went! 

On the way to the mall we went over John's Christmas wish list one more time, John told me he wouldn't cry and he wanted to sit on Santa's lap.  We had to wait in line for thirty minutes - yes Randy was even more thrilled!  I was thankful there was a bench nearby and a television with a Christmas video to entertain the children while they waited their turn.IMG_7193IMG_7192IMG_7191Santa is hid behind all these decorations so the kids don't actually see Santa - I find this good and bad.  The good part is the children don't see other children melting down when they actually see Santa.  IMG_7186IMG_7185The bad part is Santa is a surprise to most children and they don't know what to think...except to run screaming. 

Finally it was our turn to see St. Nick.  As we walked behind the decorative trees and bushes there was Santa in a big wooden chair.  John took one look at him and said "NO WAY" - and ran out the exit door! 

I had to laugh because John was having NO part of Santa!  I was able to grab John and asked  him to give Momma just a minute.  I got down on his level in front of Santa and told him this was his one chance to tell Santa about the big train station he really wants and to give Momma her one picture.  I also made him repeat our latest scripture "fear is not a spirit God gave me"...he said the scripture...and than SPRANG on Santa's lap much to my surprise!john and santaRandy didn't care for the picture but I thought it looked great and it made me I don't have to go through that again until next year.  John told Santa that he really wanted the big train station and Mommy wants Jessie from Toy Story.  It was a sweet baby boy is growing up so fast!

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Linda said...

Sweet! I love that you used the scripture to calm him down. Good thinking sister.