Monday, October 25, 2010

Ranger Fever

First - I am so sorry to any baseball fanatic that I am just now boarding the Texas Ranger "fan" bus.  I have always liked baseball - the Texas Rangers and the Colorado Rockies are my favorites but I have never followed baseball as closely as football.  I have seen one professional baseball game in my life and one of my dreams on my bucket list is to see each professional baseball team play a game in their home stadium...maybe one day.  thumbnailCARMM1GBAnyway....back to our Rangers!  Randy and I have been glued to the television the past week so that we did not miss one game of the last series as the Rangers played the evil Yankees for a position in the World Series.  We were so into it and on the edge of our seat.

I have heard three amazing stories (so far) about the "little team that could go all the way".  If you have a minute I would like to share a little bit about them with you.

First is Josh Hamilton - he started playing professional baseball in 1999.  His storyjosh-hamilton-e1279847371668 caught my attention when his teammates poured...or I should say sprayed ginger ale instead of champagne in celebration when the Rangers defeated the Tampa Bay Rays a few weeks ago.  Apparently Josh has had MAJOR  issues with drugs and alcohol & his teammates don't want him to miss out on the celebrations.  Josh gives full credit to his sobriety too Jesus Christ.  I have not read his full testimony but my friend Marvin told me it's amazing.   Quoting from Wikipedia - " When giving a brief summary of his recovery Hamilton says simply "It's a God thing"."  (On a personal note I have said that quote a million times about me & Randy.  When we were separated and got back together people would ask why?  And I would simply say "it's a God thing")  When the Rangers won on Friday night Josh received the MVP for the series and the first person he thanked was his God and Lord Savior Jesus Christ - it was GREAT!!  And....when the Rangers are at home and Josh Hamilton goes to the plate to bat the song playing right now is the song they always play for him.  Until the Whole World Hears by Casting Crowns.  AWESOME!!!

Next is Bengie Molina - he's our catcher that the Rangers 1287935865 traded for in July from the San Francisco Giants.  (For those who don't know the Rangers are playing the Giants in the World Series which begins Wednesday.)  In an article I read this morning Molina will get a World Series ring no matter if the Rangers win or the Giants win!  Bengie played 61 games for the Giants and 57 for the Texas Rangers this season.  They think he will be able to help the Rangers since he was with the Giants for four years.  Another interesting fact is Benjie is the oldest of 3 brothers...they are all catchers.  His brother Jose has two World Series rings from 2002 & 2009 and his other brother Yadier has a ring from 2006. 

The last ba200px-Colby_Lewisseball player I want to mention is Colby Lewis - he pitched an amazing 8 innings in Friday's game.  He seems to have a Cinderella type story.  Since 1999 he has been traded, dropped, moved, suffered a shoulder injury and played in Japan for two years before the Rangers picked him back up 2010.  He looked incredible!!

Besides the players the team itself has had a rocky road this year.   *  The team was in bankruptcy court in August.  Which caused Nolan Ryan and Mark Cuban to face off in somewhat of a bidding war.  Click here to read more about this.

*  The team manager Ron Washington tested positive for cocaine use in March but the Rangers staff & team stood beside him and with him.

*  Quoting WKYC.COM - It's been a magical season for the Texas Rangers, the team with the worst record among all eight playoff teams.

We have Ranger fever in our household.  Randy has just about given up on the Cowboy's and the circus at Jerry's World.  Texas Tech is not doing so great and my Mountaineers lost this weekend.  Randy and I both agree with Jimmy Connors "I hate to lose more than I love to win!"

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Linda said...

I've never been much of a baseball fan as the action is too slow, but my Grandpa Enloe was a huge fan. I remember him listening to one game on the radio while watching two other games on TV, flipping back and forth. His dream was to go to the Astrodome and see a game. He did get to do that before his death. I went to a Ranger's game in the late 70's and was bored out of my skull! I'll just watch from the comfort of my den where I can flip back and forth between the game and HGTV.