Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prayer Request - UPDATED

Friday (10-29-10) - Thanks everyone for your prayers for Cayden.  He was discharged from the hospital on Thursday and should be at home sleeping in his bed as you read this.  It was the long surgery instead of the short surgery - they had to replace the entire shunt but the procedure went perfect! 

Tomorrow - Wednesday October 27th my friend Cayden Fiskin will have surgery to replace his shunt tubing.  Cayden's Mom - Laura is one of my best & closest friends._DSC3712_thumb[7] (Cayden & his brother Braxton....Cayden is the taller one)

I could go into further detail about the surgery but I am not exactly sure how to explain it.  Please check out Laura's blog for further explanation - Cayden's Surgery.  This surgery could be a quick "in & out" type procedure or it could be "long & complicated one"...it depends on what they see when they actually operate.

This is what I know for sure...Cayden is a sweet & very smart young man who loves to play guitar & video games.  He amazes me with his maturity and his patients with John.  John really likes Cayden and asks all the time for Cayden & Braxton to come over. 

Your prayers are greatly appreciated. 

Please pray for:

  • Safe travel to and from the Mayo Clinic.
  • The surgeons, the surgery, & the medical staff.
  • The recovery & pain.
  • Cayden's Mom Laura and Dad Steve.
  • Cayden's brother Braxton who is staying in North Dakota.
  • Steve's parents who live in Amarillo but are in ND taking care of Braxton this week.

THANK YOU!!  I will keep you posted.

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Darla said...

May this young man be healed today through the miracle of surgery. May each of his surgeons, doctors, nurses, and each medical staff member have the blessing from heaven of true healing and may they do their jobs in such a way that eveything will fall into place and before he knows what has happened he will be back at home with his family and friends and will live a long and healthy life filled with happiness and all that is good.