Saturday, October 23, 2010


I first introduced potty training to John when he was around 18 months.  To say it has been a work in progress is an understatement.  At this point I am simply amazed any of us are actually potty trained.  Hats off to anyone who has potty trained a child.

Part of the problem is me.  I have not been consistent and I have not encouraged it as much as I probably should have.  We have potty chairs in several rooms, along with Pull-Ups, big boy underwear, and old-fashion training pants.  We have books, movies on the subject, reward charts, and stickers. 

John seems to have the concept of “pee-pee” but not the “poo-poo” part.  I have not been too concerned about this and figured that it will just click someday.IMG_6357IMG_6591 Well…Daddy (Randy) has made a new rule a couple of months ago.  Daddy told John “NO NEW TOYS UNTIL YOU START POTTYING LIKE A BIG BOY!”  No questions asked, no exceptions, and he is making everyone obey the new rule.  To be honest….between you & me….I am getting a little concerned since Christmas is coming and Randy is very serious about this new rule.

John  - surprisingly enough – understands this rule.  He was looking at a Christmas catalog yesterday and told me a few things he would like to have but in the same breathe he told me “I have to learn to potty like a big boy first.”

MaMa has now “upped” the ante.  She promised John if he started pottying in the potty chair like a big boy she would take him to Toys R Us and buy him whatever he wants.  The stakes are getting high and John knows exactly what he wants.  He wants a new train –Hank and a new piece to his track – the railroad crossing.LC9801099961I purchased a new highly recommended potty training DVD for toddlers and a new handbook about potty training.  John really enjoys the DVD and immediately went to the potty after it was over.  My handbook suggests teaching in sessions….so tonight at John’s request we had our first session.

We had no plans tonight so I put an oversize shirt on John with no diaper or underwear and set the potty chair up in the middle of the den.  John was excited…he said he really wants his railroad crossing.

Within an hour John said he needed to go potty but wanted to use the big toilet in our bathroom.  I went in to help and set up his stool so he could wash his hands when he was done.  He went pee-pee and Randy & I celebrated but we told him he has to go poo-poo.  For the next hour or so John was running to bathroom every fifteen minutes to pee-pee & to play in the water. 

John went to the bathroom again and I was in the kitchen getting a drink when he ran into the kitchen and exclaimed “I DID IT – I WENT POO-POO!”  Of course I was so excited and ran to the bathroom and John said “I flushed it”! 


You flushed it?!?! 

He was so excited.  Randy and I wondered if John was telling the truth…seriously.  He is that smart but thank goodness Dad & I are not that dumb. 

When I went to the bathroom there was a “smell” and his bottom was dirty.  I guess he really did go poo-poo!  John was really proud of himself and I was really proud of him.  Daddy told him he has to have at least 3 more poo-poo’s with a witness.

After our poo-poo celebration John told me he wanted his pajamas on along with a diaper.  Maybe it has clicked!  I think we maybe on the road to a Merry Christmas after all.

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