Friday, October 29, 2010

Entering the 28th Week - Updated

Update - At the urging of Randy and some Facebook friends I decided to call my ob/gyn this morning about my racing heart - he wanted to see me immediately.  My doctor is not sure if it's my thyroid levels or I have some heart issues going on.  He made me a 7:30am appointment Monday morning with a Cardiologist.  I am really not that is the enemy trying to steal my Grace...Hope...& Faith - I am NOT buying it!   Awesome side story - Randy and I have some dear friends the Lopers - they are Pastors at a local church here in Amarillo that have prayed for us from time to time.  We have not spoke to them since our last crisis in August.  After I left the doctor's office this morning Randy insisted I call the Lopers and have them pray over me but I said "no - I was NOT going to bother them!  We do not go to church there and they have enough on their plates without our stuff!"  Around 4:45 this afternoon someone called and left a was Pastor Loper - calling to check on me & the baby.  :)         I so love God and how He works!

How can that be??  We are into our 3rd trimester with less than a 100 days to go!  This pregnancy is going by so quickly...I wish it would slow down just a bit!photogallery_pregnancy_week_by_week_baby_28_full Here's what our girl looks like...she should weigh around 3 pounds and be about 16 inches long.  The good thing about this age is she would have a good chance of survival if she was born premature.

She is very active....unlike my pregnancy with John.  She is constantly rolling, kicking, jumping, and I think she pulls the cord when she is hungry.  And I honestly praise God with every movement - this is all His doing. 

A few weeks ago I had to take the glucose test to check for Gestational diabetes....which I was concerned about since I am obese to begin with.  I have tried to be very careful with the amount of sugar and carbohydrates in my diet and it paid off - we passed with flying colors!  The swelling in my feet has decreased and my blood pressure is perfect.  Thanks to God and all of your prayers.

I am having some strange pregnancy issues like my hands going numb, tingling, and burning but it only happens when I lay down - especially on my right hand.  It is pregnancy induced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - seriously.  I had it with John and it goes way after I have the baby.  I can't imagine having this all the time and it not going away.  I now pray all the time for people that suffer from this constantly.  When I get up...move around and use my hand the symptoms disappear unlike people who have Carpal Tunnel....their symptoms stay with them 24/7.

My other strange issue is the racing heartbeat and I really hate this one.  It wakes me up at night....I can feel my heartbeat in my head and it feels like it's going to beat out of my chest!  I have my blood pressure kit beside my bed and my heart rate when I first wake up has been between 100-110....which freaks me out since I have not been active....I was sleeping.  This is common - just pregnancy hormones.  Nothing to worry about.  My blood pressure is normal but my heart rate is elevated.  To correct the issue I get up, get some water, and take some deep breaths - it usually goes away.

I have been nesting.  The last two weeks my parents have helped me get all of John's baby stuff out of the attic, the storage behind my house, and our rented storage unit.  (Yes - I think we should go on the show Hoarders!!) Anyway...I got everything out and sorted....I have started washing some stuff and organizing.  I am starting to get excited...a little overwhelmed...and depression is trying to creep in but I am making myself get out...and trying to stay focused!

We do not have a name picked out and I am actually okay with that.  We have about 5 or 6 names that we really like but we may wait until she gets her to chose it. I know for sure I want her middle name to be Grace, Faith, or Hope - since these are the three things that have helped me through this pregnancy. 

All that really matters is that she arrives healthy...everything else will fall into place.  God has a plan....and He already knows all about this!

Once again I can't begin to thank you for your prayers, calls, e-mails, cards, books (thank you Jan!), and your words of encouragement.  I am blessed to have a great family...extended family, and friends!  Our girl will know someday the prayers that covered her way before she was born!!  You are apart of her testimony!  Bless you!

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Darla said...

Blessings to you and to your baby girl, John, and Randy! I Love You All!