Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I am ready for Halloween to be about you???  I am tired of the scary movies, weird commercials, and the demons that seem to lurk during this time of year!

thumbnailCAJAPCR1 I like Halloween and so does least we like what Halloween use to be about.  It was innocent or at least our memories of Halloween are was about dressing up in silly costumes, a carnival at school, the cake walk, bobbing for apples, and going door to door trick or treating.  Here's a picture of Randy and his two older brothers - what cuties huh???halloween3I like decorating for Halloween....our decorations are very spooky.  We went crazy about five years ago and bought a bunch of little Halloween villages that light up and make noise.  I go to the trouble of setting them up each year but we only turn them on maybe 2 or 3 times - they are very noisy but really cool.  My favorite decoration is our witch that is strapped to a looks like she ran into the tree.  (I will take a picture today and post it for you.)  People stop and ask me all the time if they can have their picture made beside her and where did we get her.  We have had her so long I don't know where Randy bought her.  Each year I say a little prayer for my witch...I pray that the Fall wind does not blow her away and no one steals her!IMG_2456IMG_2444 I love dressing John up and taking him to see family each year.halloween2smiling john2IMG_4901This was the first year he was able to choose who he wanted to dress up as....and as most of you know it's Thomas the Train.   We are going to see Leelee later today and hopefully get a cute picture taken by her!

Hope you and your family have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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Mookie 59 said...

The three brothers in the picture are Christopher Hare as Touche Turtle,Kevin Hare as Skull kid and Randy the baby(hard to believe that he was tiny at one time)is astrotot...Thanks for the trip down memory lane...Tina..Love you lots and hope you get to feeling better....Kevin as Fat and Older Skull Guy