Monday, September 6, 2010

My Blog

In 2007 my friend Melissa kept insisting that I should blog.  She was an avid blogger and her blogs were always cute, funny and very entertaining.  I was very hesitant about blogging because #1.  my grammar is not that great and #2 I have a dull, routine, and uneventful life for the most part.  But with consistent encouragement from Melissa I started blogging about a month after John was born.

I love to blog now.  My grammar is still not perfect and my life is still pretty routine but I am making memories for myself.

The main reason I blog is someday I will be old (hopefully the Lord will allow it) and I will be able to look back on the day when my babies were young, my family was around, and go back to yesterday in a book all about my family.  I could journal or make my blog a private thing but making it public I will be able to include your comments & thoughts - and remember our friendship.

For Christmas this year I am going to have my blog made into a book.  It is actually pretty cheap and I think it will be priceless someday!  A small piece of family history.

That's why I blog.  I really don't want to miss a thing.

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