Saturday, September 4, 2010

Continuing the Addiction.....

How was I going to get the $100 for the purse?   

As Mom was looking at all sorts of cute shoes I approached her with my new love.  I looked her straight in the eye and said..."Mom - you need this purse!"  And then she glanced at the purse and said "I don't need a new purse."  Then I said "oh...but you do need this purse....look how cute it is and look at this amazing price!"  Once again she did a once over on the purse and said "Tina, I have no need for a new purse." I tried to convince her more but she was too into the shoes.  She told me without even looking at me "just buy it if you want it so bad"....and I said "why don't you buy it and let me borrow it!"   She was then onto my little game....we both had a good laugh and I put the purse back on the shelf...the bottom shelf....behind all of the other purses.  The sale clerk laughed at me...she was encouraging me to buy it but I told her I couldn't. 

As we left the store Mom asked me why I didn't get the purse and I told her because #1. I don't need it and #2.  Randy would be very disappointed.  She told me to turn the car around she would buy me that purse!  I told her was okay...and I was happy.  Seriously....I was not pouting or down-faced.  I actually stopped thinking of the purse.

About an hour later Mom called me on her cell phone.  She asked me to ask her where she had been....she said - Dillard's.  I knew exactly what my Gertie girl had done!  She had bought me my purse!! 

I squealed with excitement!!  I honestly didn't intend for her to do that!  I really felt guilty, and embarrassed, and ashamed that I had acted the way I did - over a silly purse!

I told her I could not accept it and she needed to take it back or save it till Christmas.  And she said ....ABSOLUTELY NOT!  She told me that she told Daddy about the purse and they agreed to get it for me now.  She said that they never get to buy anything for me that I is always something I need.  She said Daddy said that he wanted his baby girl to have it.  Which....considering I am a huge bad of raging hormones made me cry!

I got my purse yesterday and I am in love.IMG_6823Thanks Gertie & Daddy!!!  I love my purse and think of you each time I use it!  It' so cha-cha!!

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