Monday, September 6, 2010

Not Missing Anything....

Here are some funny, sweet, & thoughtful things John has done in the last month.

I was getting out of the truck...which was parked in the garage with the garage door already down and had to leave my purse behind....I had a few bags to carry in first.  After I put down my stuff I would go back and get my purse.  John...being the Mr. Independent that he is does not want help getting in or out of the truck .  I sat my stuff down and went to get my purse and here came John lugging my purse - which weighs as much as he does.  He put my purse on the counter where I always put it, then he ran back and shut the truck door, then the door to the garage, and then turned out the light without me asking or instructing.  My heart melted.  I have never asked him to do such a thing.  How did he know all of that had to be done.  All I could do was hug him and cry.  My sweet boy.

John came in the computer room the other day and looked at me and said "What's up Mom?"  It was really cute.  Where did he learn that?

John walked by the television the other night when President Obama was on and as he walked by he put his hand up towards the TV and said "shut-up Obama!"  I thought Randy was going to bust a gut laughing so hard.  I know where John learned that one.

We went over to my folk's house and my Mom had bought John a really cute blue Thomas the Train shirt and had it hanging in his playroom.  He could not get to MaMa fast enough to tell her thank you.  It was so sweet he kept saying "thank you MaMa....thank you....thank you MaMa...thank you". He is remembering what I am teaching him!

Our letter of the week is the letter "A".  It amazes me but everywhere there is an "A" now he tells me..."look Mom - there's an "A".  He almost had a heart attack when we went to Albertson's yesterday and they have a huge "A" on their building.  When I pick up an apple I asked him what it was and he knew...then I asked him what letter does apple start with and he remembered!! I do love teaching him and to see the wheels actually turn!

I love how he knows that MaMa goes with PaPa, Kevin goes with LeeLee, Lexie belongs to Christi & Jakey, that Larry, Julie, & Ty are a family and Uncle Al goes with Aunt GG - and they have connections to Mickey Mouse.

How did I get so blessed?  I truly don't deserve such a sweet boy but since the Lord gave him to me....I will gladly keep him, love him, and raise him to honor Him.

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