Sunday, September 19, 2010

John's 3rd Birthday

For John's birthday Randy and I decided against the "big" party this year.  Unfortunately Randy and I have come to realize we have bought and given John way too many toys.  We really don't want to raise John to be materialistic and it is so easy to do this.  It makes us happy to make John happy so we are learning new ways for happiness - instead of trying to buy his happiness. 

Besides we all know that happiness is having what you have not getting what you want!

John still made a pretty good "haul" for his birthday without actually having a big party - he had 2 small parties.  This was the first birthday that John actually told us what he wanted - it was fun to see his reaction to his presents. 

three On Friday the 27th (the day before his birthday) we went to Family Photo to have his 3 year old pictures taken. We really wanted Leelee to take the pictures but there was no way I was going to add more to her plate!  Randy didn't like the pictures at all but I thought they turned out pretty good.

carschairclose upladderAfter the photo session Randy, John, me, and my folks took John for pizza and games at Gatti's Pizza - he had a fun time.   

That night I let John wear his new Thomas the Train pajamas but I didn't wash them first.  I don't know what I was thinking -  John has very sensitive skin.  I have to use special soaps, lotions, and detergents for him.  Around 3 am he woke up screaming...when I turned on the light I almost fell out!!  His eyes were completely swollen shut, he had huge red spots swelling out all over his body, he was scratching like crazy, and I could tell he was starting to have trouble breathing!  I am so glad I had Randy to help...he was cool as a cucumber.  We gave John a double dose of allergy medicine, put him in an oatmeal bath, and gave him a popsicle.  Randy got the Epipen out in case we needed it.  After the bath I coated him in his medicated itch medicine and gave him a breathing treatment just to be safe.  John...of course fell straight to sleep but I couldn't.  I had to just watch him to make sure he was okay and still breathing.

The next day all three of us were zonked out.  We laid around most of the day and took a long nap in the afternoon.  If I had planned a party I would have had to cancel...John was in no shape for partying - his right eye was still pretty swollen.  That evening we went to MaMa & PaPa's house for cake and ice cream.  MaMa bought John a Radio Flyer red tricycle - which he loves!IMG_6657aIMG_6662aIMG_6706On Monday John got a package in the mail from Aunt Gloria and Uncle Allen.  He was so excited - the package was a Mickey Mouse box.   Randy asked John who the package was from and he said "Mickey Mouse Daddy!!!!"IMG_6747IMG_6749 We had a 2nd little party here at our house with Hare family a few weeks later.  John got a few more great presents but...he got THE Thomas the Train Water Station from Leelee & Kevin.  I told everyone NOT to let John open it till last because he would not care for anything else he got - he has really wanted this water tower for some time.  It was his favorite...nothing else mattered.  He is so funny!!

It's hard to believe he is already three.  He told me today that he was NOT 3...he was 6!  It still amazes me how time flies when your having fun!

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Linda said...

Great post and yes they do grow up fast. My favorite photo is still the one where his foot is on the step ladder. He looks so big.