Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Day of Autumn

Happy first day of Autumn 2010!  I love this time of is my most favorite season - John's birthday is like the "kick-off" for me!  Do you like my new picture??  I loved it and can just imagine sitting on the porch of a log cabin overlooking this water with the beautiful trees.  Very peaceful.

I just love Autumn....I am trying to convince Randy into naming our girl Autumn....everybody loves Autumn!!  Autumn Nicole Hare - it has a good ring to it - don't you think?!?!?  I like the name but the judge (Big Daddy) is still out and the name game is making me crazy but that's another blog on another day!!!

Back to Autumn....

I love the cooler days with the crisp air - like's not much cooler but  it is cloudy and overcast...I just want to stay inside and make a pot of chili.  

Randy and I have become college football Saturday's are now spent around the television watching games from across our nation. this!   I still keep up with my high school team and we can't forget the Cowboys on Sunday....although Randy would like to forget them at this point.      Love this video and song!!

I love to see the leaves change colors - the different colors amaze me each year.  To see the trees completely bare just 8 months ago, to a full beautiful shaded tree,  and then to the  majestic color change.  How can anyone not believe in God???

I haven't started decorating for Fall and Halloween but plan to next week.  I am jealous because I see most of my neighbors have already pulled ahead of me in the decorating game.  I love the Fall festivals at the pumpkin farm, and in Canadian, Texas - so much fun!

Then Old Man Winter shows up. 

Randy and I are usually sad in football is over...the Cowboys still  stink  and the holidays are just memories...but NOT this next year!  Hopefully our latest edition will stay snug and safe until January 2011 and then we will always look forward to January.  It will be our late Christmas present from God - every year!


TexasMeurers said...

I look forward to reading your blog. I love how descriptive you are. I happen to think Autumn would be a wonderful name for a girl. Hope the judge agrees. Luv y'all.

Linda said...

I too love Autumn and this time last year we were enjoying the beautiful seasonal change in Canada. As for the name thing, last night as I was going to sleep I heard someone on the TV say, "My name is Beatrice Hair." My eyes flung open and I thought, "Hey I like that name." It's kind of similiar to Randy's mom's name but individual enough. Thought I'd pass on the suggestion.