Friday, September 24, 2010

Pregnancy Brain with a Chance of Fog

Call me crazy, forgetful, rude, or insane...bu1ed0d3f565429fect I believe I have Pregnancy Brain.  Pregnancy Brain is more forgetfulness but I believe my hormones are throwing a little crass & craziness into the mix.

Example #1.  I posted on FaceBook yesterday about a recent "oops" I made...which is just not like me.  It is very common for Randy to ask the woman who had her child 6 months ago... "I thought you had that baby already?"  But not me.    Back to yesterday....I was going on and on to a woman (that I will continue to see week after week) that Randy had chosen the worse name in history for our daughter.  There was no way I could ever name my daughter THAT name and who in this DAY and AGE would name their daughter THAT name??  I went on and on and on...get the picture??  After I shut my trap I noticed her demeanor changed and she looked sort of that instance I learned she had a 6 year old daughter.  Want to just guess what her name is?? patrick_foodnmouth

Example #2  I had an appointment this week with my Hematologist to get my iron levels checked out.  I talked about the appointment to several people the day before, told Randy as we were going to bed....and completely forgot about the appointment until the nurse called to re-schedule. 

Example #3  Randy has us on a very strict budget.  We only buy groceries once a week at Albertson's on days when the Cowboy's play - so we can get the 10% off everything discount.  When we grocery shop Randy brings all the groceries in and my job is to put them in their proper place.  As I was putting up the groceries I kept thinking about this huge gallon of orange juice and I was going to have to make room for it.  After I put the groceries away I started thinking about the OJ...and I didn't remember making room for it.  I looked in all the frigs, the cabinets, and the pantry with no luck.  I decided to check the trash bin we keep in the garage and there it was...right on top!  I was so upset but glad I found it so quickly.  I disinfected it and put it away!  Whew!  That would have been money wasted!  I was relieved....until the next day whethumbnailme4atn I went to cook.  Apparently when I threw out the OJ I also threw out over $30. in meat, bacon & sausage for the week!!  There it was right on top of everything else in the trash.  It wasn't touching any other garbage, it was still in the plastic sack but it had been unrefrigerated over 14 hours in hot garage.  There was nothing I could do.  I was really upset but Randy laughed and said it was okay!!  But that's not like me to do this sort of thing!  I am always on top of things!!

Example #4.  I am forgetting birthdays, bridal shothumbnailCAPFCMP2wers, thank you cards, volley-ball games, invoices, and did I take my medicine today??  I am snapping at people and just no t being myself.  I bought a white erase board, some sticky notes, and added buzzing reminders on my phone.  I am also spending extra time in prayer & meditation.

So....if I am curt, insensitive, or do something to offend you please tell me so that I can apologize and make a sticky note of what not do to and what to pray about next!

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