Friday, July 9, 2010

Trouble with the Bees.....

About a month ago Pat ( my neighbor & yard guy) told me I have some bees that could become an issue.  Apparently some honey bees decided to make a new home in the front top eave of my house.  I don't think I would have ever noticed the problem and I am so thankful he brought it to my attention.  IMG_6458Pat and Randy discussed several ways to try and get rid of these little pests since they could eventually get into the attic and cause real havoc.  Pat sprayed some poison several days in a row and it looked as if he killed hundreds of them but it did not fix the problem...within a few days they were back with vengeance and apparently brought some friends.

I called my pest control man who was totally useless!  He basically said "good luck with that" - through his secretary.  I called a couple of actual bee men but they wanted to tear the roof off the house and said the hive was probably too small to even bother with.  Since Larry was going to be in town I was going to let him handle the issue - he is good at that sort of stuff but come to find out Larry is highly allergic to bees, wasps, & such.  So Tuesday morning I started calling around and West Texas Pest Control out of Pampa said they could fix my problem for $100.

Keith with West Texas Pest Control came over Tuesday afternoon and told me that he would be back later in the evening to spray the poison and he would come back  Wednesday morning to spray more poison and put silicon in the hole so that we would not have this problem again.  He confirmed they were honey bees but he said most bees in Texas had become at least 20-30% Africanized bee along with the honey bee part.

Here's Keith putting on his bee suit.  John and I watched from the bathroom window with excitement.IMG_6451Keith got on top of the roof and sprayed directly into the opening.  The bees went crazy  - of course.  The blurry yellow spots in the picture below are the bees protesting.  I kept telling John that the bees were mad and he kept saying "beehappy".  There seem to be millions of bees dropping - it was literally raining bees.IMG_6453IMG_6448 About that time Randy came home so I left John inside the house with him and adventured outside for a better look.  By the time Keith was already down, and was making his second trip back up the ladder to apply some powder poison.IMG_6459IMG_6462IMG_6466IMG_6469 IMG_6471  You can see a white powdered bee coming straight toward me!IMG_6471In truth I hated poisoning these little guys.  They really didn't bother me or anyone else but they could have become a huge problem if I didn't take care of them.

Keith came out the next day and put silicon in the hole and I have not seen or heard from the bees.  Thankful this is beehind me!


Laurie said...

Sounds scary. I'm glad you got it all under control. I am scared of bees.

Linda said...

I don't like them either. One time when we were in Harlingen a hive of African Bees swarmed around the screened in patio. I think they were traveling to a new location and I had the stereo playing really loud and they did not like it. It really scared me and Kevin. I too would hate to kill them, but what else can you do. Your title sounds like a movie title.