Tuesday, July 13, 2010


A wise friend told me before John was born to be prepared to "pick your battles" when it comes to raising John.  So far in the 34 months John has been on this earth  we have not had too many battles and Randy & I have been a united front.

We had a battle tonight.  3934c00016fa3c56When John was younger he would eat anything that I put in front of him.  Now...he is starting to become the chicken nugget, mashed potato, mac & cheese, and corn only child - which makes me cRaZy!  I want him to at least try new foods!  For instance - last week we had beef tenderloin that was really good but he refused to try it.  Randy would not dismiss him from the table until he at least tried one bite.  After some encouragement he tried a bite and loved it...in fact I had to give him my piece - which makes me so happy!  I always put 2651811126_31b747d88cvegetables on his plate - carrots, green beans, green peas, black-eyed peas, corn and he has tried everything and liked it...except the green beans.  He refuses to even try the green beans!  Day after day I put a small portion of green beans on his plate and he refuses to even touch them.  Until tonight....

Round One -  Randy told John that he would not be dismissed from the table until he tried the green beans....one green bean.  The battle begun.  John started having a "fit" and saying "no way"!  Randy told him to go to his room and he could come out when he decided to try a green bean. 

Round Two -  After 3 minutes John came back to the table.  He barely put the green bean in his mouth and he started crying...and gagging...and turning every shade of red until he could spit it out.  He did not even taste it!!  This really frustrated me & Randy - he was playing us.  I told John to go to his room...well Mr. Smarty Pants locked his bedroom door so he would not be able to go back into his room.  (We do not have key so Randy has to "pick" the lock and Randy was still in the middle of eating) 

Round Three - I told John that he had to sit quietly at the table until he decided to try a green bean.  Then the major crying, fit having, poor little boy act...aka Johnny Drama showed up.  That's it!  I got the paddle and he got quite really quick!  I am very thankful it was not used because at this point I am feeling a little like Mommy Dearest...but we have come this far we can't give in yet.

Round Four - Randy encourages John to again just try the green bean - really try it - chew it up - give it a chance.  Well...he tried it 2e972abce9f87dac and HE LIKED IT!!!  I felt like Sam-I-Am...I knew he would like green eggs and ham green beans! 

YEA....we won...which means John won too!  It was a battle of wills but Randy and I stayed united and didn't give in!

Is this silly?....yes.   Will it matter in the long run?....we hope so.  It was a small battle but we worked through it and everyone is happy!

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Linda said...

I say, "You go girl." But you are right to pick your battles and just because you win some and lose some the war is never over.