Monday, July 5, 2010

Life with John

On Friday July 2nd we took John to see his first movie in a theater - Toy Stb8e6d171128cbb0cory 3.   The movie itself was the best and John  sat in his chair mesmerized by the movie.  I told Randy to buy him a kid size Coke and popcorn....but oh no - this is his first movie experience - Randy had to buy big.  It was so cute to see John have this huge bag of popcorn between his legs and this very large drink.  He munched and slurped during the entire movie...very slowly.  I was so surprised he made it through it!  I am now looking forward more movies....I usually like the kid movies better anyway.

My hwife yellingormones are dancing to say the least.  I had a complete meltdown at breakfast yesterday and yelled at John - for no good reason.  Later that afternoon we laid down for a nap and John was snuggled really close to me and I told him I was really sorry for the meltdown and  the yelling.  Without missing a beat he sat up in bed and said  "cucu"..."cucu"..."ding-dong" - like I was crazy!! I thought Randy was going to bust his gut laughing so hard!!  NOT funny!!!  Actually it was very funny  and I am sure Randy was thinking...."way to go John - I have been wanting to say that to her for weeks!"

My Mom has taught John the computer.  Seriously...he knows how to turn the computer on, take the mouse, click the internet, search the history, and find Thomas.  He loves to play bfa0fb2238a1b170the games, color the sheets, and watch the videos.  When we first learned he could so this we let him go - free use!  I did not realized he would spend HOURS in front of the computer - but he did one evening. Needless to say he had a restless night that night and Randy said "that's it no more video games after 9pm!"  And then Randy looked at me and said "I never thought I would be saying that to my 2-year old".  I can't believe that I have already had to "set rules" for computer use. 

He cracks me up and makes me so happy at the same time.  I love that he is corky and marches to his on beat.  I can't imagine my life without him and it is hard to think about life before him.  The Lord has blessed Randy and I - we know this and we thank God daily for this precious gift.

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Laurie said...

Isn't it amazing how fast they pick up on that computer stuff? Sara is the same way. You need to download a browser called "Kidoz" ( It's amazing. You tell it how old and what gender child you have and it gives them links to all kinds of kids' sites. You can also add your own if they don't have it on there already. It's a safe download and it sets up an "e-mail" where the kids can send e-mails to pre-approved e-mail addresses. Sara loves to send me pictures that she draws.