Saturday, July 3, 2010

Is it Over Yet??

I love the 4th of July.  I love the story of how America got her Independence, the fireworks*, parades, and the food!  I am crazy about this new makes me proud to be an American!  I would buy a Charger just cause of this commercial!

*I love the big fireworks the professionals launch...and I like sitting a comfortable distance away from the fireworks.  As far as general public fireworks - I hate them.   According to the CDC in 2007 over 10,000 people were treated in an ER in America on July 4th due to injuries caused by fireworks.  I have nothing good to say about them.

Unfortunately my most fireworks.  He has a million crazy stories about him, his brother, and the cousins having bottle rock wars and doing completely insane things with fireworks!!!  Nothing but fun and happy memories that he is now anxious to share and experience with John.

Here's John and Randy doing sparklers last year.IMG_4329And made me crazy but Dr. Dobson says in his best selling book about raising boys that "you must let the father and son wrestle, hunt, and play with fireworks...back off and let them be"

And here we are to another 4th of July.

Not helping the situation this year is my brother Larry and his son Ty visiting for the holiday- I am completely out numbered this year.  I was able to sort of control the spending and what fireworks were purchased but needless to say...we have over $150. in fireworks.

We decided to play with some tonight and....I was sort of anxious to see John's reaction.  Most children that I know HATE fireworks until they are a little older-I was praying that would be the case with John.  However I have a Hare boy - and apparently the Hare boys love fire...and watching things explode.IMG_6438IMG_6435IMG_6416IMG_6422IMG_6428IMG_6432The louder the bang, the brighter the sparkle, the crazier the firework was - the BETTER.   Randy and Larry immediately showed the TWO YEAR OLD how to light the punk and where the fuse was on the firecracker.  And he LOVED it.  He laughed, and screamed, and squealed, and yelled - MORE and AGAIN!!!  Larry and Julie were amazed how quickly he caught on, his lack of fear and his great delight.  Uncle Kevin will be proud to know that his most favorite thing is the "snaps"  that you throw on the ground - I guess those are harmless enough!

I hope you and your family & friends have a wonderful 4th of July!  Don't forget to thank a solider or veteran for our freedom!

Here's one of my favorite videos just in time for the 4th!

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Linda said...

Yes, he is all boy and a Hare to boot. Give it up girl. You won't win this battle.