Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Trimester - OVER

As I have said before....I am not sure why I think everything is smooth sailing after the first trimester is over but I am thankful we have made it through the last 13 weeks!  When I was pregnant with John the second trimester was the best and I am looking forward to the next13 weeks - we will find out what we are having, my energy is returning, I will feel movement soon, John will be turning 3, Fall will be here, and football will be on!  YEA!!!

We had ourf4 2nd doctor's appointment yesterday and it was great. I have gained 2 pounds - which is perfect...since I am a "big" girl I shouldn't put on much weight.  My blood pressure and blood work were all normal and we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time.  It took the doctor a few minutes to find it...but when he did  it was a super fast and loud....Praise the LORD!  Our baby should be almost 3.5 inches, weigh about an ounce and the milestone this week...he should start urinating. 

Here are my TOP TEN things I love about being pregnant

10.  John is going to be a big brother.

9.  I am going to be really pregnant in the Winter instead of Summer like the last time!

8.  Randy transforms into this huge teddy bear.

7.  Everyone you tell is very excited and smiles really big.

6.  When my belly or intestines gurgle it is not in front's on my side or in my back which feels really strange but good at the same time!

5.  I honestly try not too play the "pregnancy card" with Randy but I have told him..."hello-I am carrying your love child here"...."this is all your fault"...and  my all time favorite "you have to take care of John it is just not fair that I have to take care of both children at once".  hee...hee...hee...

4.  My taste buds have bloomed.  Almost everything taste different and most of the time better.

3.  Did you know that Wienerschnitzel is open at 2am and they make the best 100% angus all-beef hotdog on a sesame seed bun with mustard, chili, cheese, and onions???  And did you also know that Tums come in a smoothie flavor???

2.  I truly believe that sauerkraut makes everything better.  It is wonderful on pizza, burgers, chicken, or cold straight out of the can. 

1.  I am going to be pregnant on Thanksgiving!


Linda said...

Glad the first trimester went well. Praying the second will be even better.

Darla said...

May you be blessed with a safe, healthy, and happy pregnancy, delivery, and birth of your precious baby.