Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cupcakes 101

John and I enjoy watching cooking shows especially shows involving cakes & cupcakes.  We laid down to take a nap last Saturday and  I turned on the DVR to watch a  new show on TLC called DC Cupcakes.  We watched a few minutes and then I turned it off...John was sort sick (allergies) and had been sick for several days - I was exhausted.  John became very upset and wanted the cupcake show back on.  I consoled him by telling him we would make cupcakes if he took a nap.

A couple hours later he woke up and forgot about the cupcakes until I mentioned it to him.  I have never seen that boy move so fast - off to the kitchen we went!

#1. First Thing First...                                                                                       He had to wash his hands...which he loves to do anyway.IMG_6476#2.  Read the directions and pre-heat the oven.IMG_6480#3.  Place cupcake liners in muffin tins.IMG_6488 #4.  Empty mix into bowl.IMG_6496#5.  Pour the water IMG_6497#6.  Add the eggs - this was a first and now a favorite thing to do.  He believes it's his official job to crack all eggs. IMG_6502#7.  Then the really fun part - the power tool as Daddy called it.IMG_6509IMG_6511Looking good so far....IMG_6512#8.  Pour the batter in the tins - this was a fun mess.    IMG_6515 #9.  Put them in the oven and wait....IMG_6519 He has to try one before going to step 10.IMG_6520IMG_6523And...he doesn't like them.  :(  I am sure it is a consistence issue.  It was much to crumbly for him - he doesn't care for cakes...or cornbread...or biscuits because they all crumble.  But he gets an A+ for at least trying.

#10.  Frosting time.  He did not like frosting the cupcakes but he did like the taste of frosting and he loved putting the sprinkles on top of the finished product.IMG_6537IMG_6538This part reminds me of Randy so much.  John took at least fifteen minutes to evenly distribute the sprinkles on the cupcakes.  He would look very carefully at each cupcake and decide where the sprinkle was needed.  It was making me crazy...I grabbed some sprinkles and just tossed it on one and he said "NO MOMMA"!!  That's when I realized this was his moment and something he really enjoyed.  He had to make the right decision.IMG_6539IMG_6543IMG_6549Seriously...I have never done sprinkle cupcakes that looked this good.  There was no help from me or Randy - John just sprinkled away.  I was amazed at how patient and precise he was. IMG_6551He was so excited and proud of his accomplishment he wanted to show MaMa & PaPa.  I got out the plastic container and I was about to place some cupcakes in it when I was once again...told NO!  He had to pick the ones to take to them...and surprisingly enough they were the prettiest ones! 

The cupcakes were really good and I was...and I am so proud of him.  I love having a little buddy to help me.  He had a great time and wants to help me whenever I am in the kitchen.


Laura Fiskin said...

Hey John, where's MY cupcakes?

Linda said...

Hey! What about Leelee????