Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why WVU???


I get this...alot.  Even family members ask me all the time....why in the world do you cheer, root, and go crazy over the University of West Virginia?? 

Texas is my home.  And I am proud to call Texas my home and I am so very proud that I was born in Texas!  In fact I am the only one in my family born in Texas - which makes me even more proud to be a Texan!!!  I never want to leave Texas - Texas is a State of Mind!


As much as I love Texas....I love West Virginia.  West Virginia is where I am from - my roots are buried in West Virginia.  Most of my relatives still live in West Virginia.  This is where it started with my Mom and Dad. 

That's why I am a WVU fan!  Let's goooooo Mountaineers!mountiantina Me & WVU Mountaineer at the Fiesta Bowl in 1986IMG_0971Me & Christin (my best friend since 2nd grade) at the Tostitos Bowl in January 2008.IMG_0017bAt home in October 2006


Starting him early!  Here's John in December 2007!

Here's some pictures when Mom and I went to West Virginia in May 2003.   What a trip MOM!!!102-0282_IMGMy Mom (in red) and her sister Irene.  102-0291_IMGSome WONDERFUL WV Hotdogs - chili & coleslaw!!!!103-0301_IMGThis is my Mom and three of her sisters!  From left to right is Magaline & Irene, Mom, and her baby sister Barbara.103-0302_IMGThe State Capital in Charleston - the dome is gold!  It is really beautiful!!  For my Mom's 70th birthday I bought the WV state flag that flew over the capital on her birthday.  It was great!103-0319_IMGThis is beside the cemetery.  There are creeks, rivers, and lakes - everywhere!103-0335_IMGThis is me and my cousin Rusty....on my Dad's side. sandyHere's Mom with my Sandy girl.  She is pregnant with Katie!  Sandy and I are cousins from my Mom's with my cousin Teresa.  103-0356_IMGHere I am with my 3rd cousin Timmy.

I have 12 Aunts and 12 uncles.

I have at least 39+ first cousins.

And at least 58+ seconds cousins....I am closer with my 2nd cousin since Mom and Dad had me so late in life!

To say I am an understatement.

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