Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Moment...

I am blessed to have many good friends.  I cried on my birthday this year because I took a moment and realized how truly blessed I am.  I have the best of friends - my friends - like you....are faithful and love me no matter what.SCAN0184One of my friends I want to share with you today is my friend Jan Holbrook.  Jan has known me my entire life but it has just been within the last four years we became really good friends.  Jan has the sweetest spirit and the kindest heart.  She is an awesome prayer warrior - she is always one of the first people I call to pray for me.

Jan and I have many things in common; we love Jesus and He is first in our life, we are both have sons, we believe that the dogs are our "other" babies, we both like to eat & hate to diet, we love to e-mail each other, and we both believe our Mom's hung the moon. 

Thank you Jan for being there for me.  For always listening and praying when I need a friend.

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