Sunday, March 28, 2010

Take Me Home....Indianapolis

I have never been a basketball type of girl.  I have tried to get into it but it moves so fast...with the holding, the traveling, the out of bounds and all the free throws you can't take you eyes off the screen for a second.

However...things are a changing.  The past few years Randy and I have really gotten into the March Madness hype.  When I noticed the Mountaineers won the East conference a few weeks ago I really got into it!  Randy and I watched the Mountaineers beat the first team Georgetown to clutch the East Conference.  The win was not so  pretty - so I did not have much hope in WVU.  I predicted the final playoff would be University of Kansas vs University of Kentucky. 

Well...the little team from West Virginia has won...and won...and won...until they made the Elite Eight!  The Mountaineers played #1 Kentucky last night.  I was a little worried...but I put my WVU jersey on (which I have not washed since the winning has started) and watched the game.  The beginning was tough - Kentucky had a tough inner defensive which made it impossible for our team to make any 2-points shots but WVU was able to make 3-point shots constantly - IT was GREAT!  WVU won the game 73 to 66!  On to the Final Four we go!

This is the coolest part...

Do you know who this is?f236ee1c5f6d734eThis silhouette used by the NBA since 1972 is the image of Jerry West.  Who is Jerry West?   Apparently he was a great basketball player from Cabin Creek, West Virginia....the greatest basketball player in WVU history. 

What makes this even cooler....WVU has not been to the Final Four in 51 years - when Mr. West was apart of the WVU team.   There is a player on WVU team that will play in this Final Four game  and the young man is Jonnie West...Jerry's son!   YEA!

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