Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Too Fast…

I knew that once we got here time would zoom by…and it is doing just that!  My friend Christin got here about 9am and had most of the day free to show me & John around Las Vegas.  Christin and I have been friends since 2nd grade – we have been through peaks and valleys together.  It is fun to see how we changed, matured, and aged.1377575485_mSince Christin is here every other week she knows all the best places to eat, shop, shows to see, and she can drive through traffic like nothing I have ever seen!  She cracked me up yesterday when we were walking through the traffic to get the car from valet in front of the hotel.  Cars are ZOOMING everywhere…the taxis are insane – commacozzi drivers for sure – and Christin walks on this pedestrian sidewalk in front of all these vehicles and they stop!  I take a few steps and look …another few steps and make sure they are really going to stop – not Christin!

The first place she took John and I was a cafe in the casino Paris.  you try to remove it.  It looked just like a cafe in Paris…or at least what I have seen in movies.  It was very chic and the food was incredible!  I had crepes since I had never had them before.   Excellent!

After breakfast Christin had to work a little so John and I tagged along.  You would not believe…my new jacket I bought in Amarillo had the security tags STILL attached so we had to search for a store to remove it.  It was one of the tags that ink explodes if  tampered with.  After going to several stores I finally found one that could remove it!  We went back to the room to relax and wait on Randy – bless his heart…he was on his feet all day!

We went to dfc3f7022055d59adinner Rainforest Cafe.  I thought John would enjoy the animals,  noise, and the feel of the jungle... and he did!  He would get really excited when the thunderstorm would come and all the animals came to life.  Very cool place for the kiddos – and the food was really good!  The Bananas Foster was the best!  After dinner Christin surprise me…she bought me & her tickets to see the Viva Elvis show.  I had never hear of it until Linda mentioned it to me.  Randy told us to go and have a great time!

The show was the best show I have ever seen.  Our seats were in the middle and close to the stage.  It is a Cirque Du Soleil show – so it was a sensory overload!!   I will go into detail later since I have an awesome surprise for my Mom – I don’t want to spoil her surprise.  Here is a link to more on the show  - I want to see Elvis!

After the show it was only 9pm….and Randy told me to stay out as late as I wanted.  Christin wanted to show me some awesome bars…so off bar hopping we would go.  For a moment it felt like we were 22 again but we both laughed that off cause the entire time I was thinking of my baby and she was thinking of her career.  Christin took me to this bar called Minus 5.  It was an experience…and I want to take Randy to it tonight!  The bar is made of ice…the entire room  is ice and it is literally minus 5 degrees!!  You get a coat and gloves before you enter…and you can upgrade to a fur coat!  It was really fun…and funny!   Randy would LOVE this place!  Here’s a link to it: Minus 5

We had two drinks…and I was ready to call it a night.  Christin was ready to show me more of Vegas but I was too tired and I knew that Tuesday would be busy!  I was back to my hotel and in bed before 11pm.  Geezzz…I think I am getting old!

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Linda said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. I knew you would love the Elvis show when I saw it advertised. You know me, I would rather see Barry Manalow. Glad you are having a good vacation.