Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Hotel…

To say that our Hotel is nice is an understatement.  I have stayed in some swanky hotels but I think this two bedroom suite is the best!  The Nationwide Show is at the MGM Grand and we are staying at the MGM Signature – which is connected.

Our room is on the 12th floor and it is a corner suite.  Since this hotel is connected to the MGM Grand there is no casino – which is great.  It is really quite…and it is two blocks from the strip – it sort of doesn’t feel like Vegas. 

Here’s our suite.

The entry way and kitchen…Las Vegas I 108

Here’s the guest bathroom….Las Vegas I 109The living room with a balcony… Las Vegas I 110I know I don’t get out much.  I was impressed there was no do not disturb sign instead you press this button! Las Vegas I 111  John was impressed with the docking station for is I-Pod!Las Vegas I 113Here’s the bathroom that you could play baseball in! Las Vegas I 114As soon as we got back in the room from eating a Nathan’s Hotdog I immediately took a bath in the jet tub.  What a treat!!Las Vegas I 115From the bathroom looking at the bedroom….  Las Vegas I 117 Las Vegas I 118 Las Vegas I 119  Here comes the television out of the desk!Las Vegas I 121  Las Vegas I 123 Las Vegas I 124The television disappears.  There’s New York, New York in the background.  This is in the bedroom.Las Vegas I 125I never thought I had issues with balconies but I am not a big fan!  We are going to the Grand Canyon on the way back home and I thought I would do that Sky Walk thing….I am really reconsidering it. Las Vegas I 126 Las Vegas I 127 Las Vegas I 128Las Vegas I 135This day has come to an end.  We must go to bed early since Randy has a meeting at 7:30am. Las Vegas I 138 Las Vegas I 137 John and I are going to go to an aquarium, a lion exhibit, and ride the monorail from one hotel to another.  We are going to take John and Christin to eat at the Rain Forest Cafe tomorrow night – should be fun!

Do you think John has had an eventful day?

Las Vegas I 140


Mookie 59 said...

Beautiful pictures of your experience..Thanks for sharing,Tina..Keep safe..Love ,Kevin

Janine Deckard said...

What an adventure! Thank you so much for taking the time to post! It's so awesome.