Wednesday, March 31, 2010


First - shame on me for being....not so kind to my beloved.  We got to my folks house and started actually building the swing set at 10:30.  My Randy worked so hard....and it was so very frustrating.  The swing set was made in China (imagine that) and apparently they don't use the same measurements we do...or they just like the make things more complicated!!

Here's all the hardware....IMG_6161IMG_6162Randy said there was 1200 nuts, bolts, screws, and nuts.  My Daddy said he was wrong - there was only 1198!  I bought the little sand buckets at the Dollar Tree - they worked out perfect.IMG_6164

I just love this picture of PaPa & John in their shop!IMG_6169

I love my husband's hands.IMG_6172

It beginnings.... IMG_6171IMG_6177IMG_6178IMG_6179IMG_6183IMG_6185

About two in the afternoon we took a quick lunch break and rested.   Papa had to go to a doctor's appointment and Randy had some business to take care of.  Once we all got our second wind we went back to work.  As soon as we went outside we all smelled wood burning.  It smelled like fresh wood!  I looked at all my pieces thinking something was on fire.  Randy said it had to be a big fire far away...but the smell was getting closer and stronger.  Randy looked up and saw my Mom's flower pot smoking.

IMG_6193IMG_6194 My Mom put out one of her Winton's in the pot and it was so dry it started burning.  It was so funny!  We all had a really good laugh.  Mom told me NOT to blog about it but I had too!

Linda stopped by to visit and check the progress.  Of course John was so excited to see his Leelee.  She brought him bubbles and chased him around the yard - which was a good break for Mom & Dad!  As Randy and I were looking at future construction on the swing set we both looked at Linda and looked at each other and said PERFECT!  Randy and I decided this swing set would not hold us but Linda was the perfect size.  We both yelled at her...."hey a sec?"  That sec turned into five hours!  It was a GREAT and WONDEREFUL thing that she happened to stop by when she did!  She worked so hard and did so much that I am not sure how Randy and I would have done it!!  THANK YOU Linda - you were a back saver and a HUGE help!  Kevin showed up with mexican food and tequila - which made things even better!  :)IMG_6197IMG_6198IMG_6199

We decided to call it a night at 9pm.  John was so tired.  Randy and I are BEAT!  We have some more work tomorrow!!  So far John is loving it!! 


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