Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today had to be just about one of the worst days to try and engineer a swing set.  The temperature was good but the wind blew 50 to 60 mph - all day.  It was miserable.  There was several times I thought I was going to tip over as I hung the roof top.  Dust was everywhere and the wind only added to our chinese frustration level!!

The swing set had to get done since Randy's schedule is about to get crazy.  We have plans the next three days - plus it is suppose to rain all day Friday - so those days were out.  Randy is going to be really busy with work and be out of town next weekend.  Then Randy has to really start traveling for business so... this was the only days I could get some "honey-do's" done.

We finally finished about 7pm tonight.  There are a few little things that need to be done but nothing critical.  Randy worked really hard and we could not have done this without my parents.IMG_6201IMG_6203IMG_6206IMG_6208IMG_6207   And....of course John loves it. 


Mookie 59 said...

Looking Good!!You Wild Hares!!Love,Kevin

Laurie said...

So cute! I'm glad you got it finished so quickly, it will be something John will enjoy for many years.

Linda said...

Way to go and persever even through the high winds we had today. I know John will love it.