Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am READY!!!

After lengthy discussions we....let me be honest.....I decided it was time for John to have a swing set.  Like most children John LOVES going to the park.  He loves climbing, hiding, sliding, and all the fun stuff.

When John is at my folks house he loves to be outside....they love being outside too - me & Randy not so much.  So we....I mean I decided to purchase a swing set and set it up at my folks house - they think it's a great idea too.   My backyard is not that big and I have three dogs and lots of trees, and I.....never mind.

Randy is NOT "kicked-up" about this - he thinks John is too young for a swing set.  I checked around with family and friends that have kids, I have verified through my child expert, and a few strangers AND everyone agrees it is time.  John will be 3 in five months...somebody dry my tears please...I think it is time.   So John now has a swing set.  Randy is warming up to this change but now I need his help putting it together.  (I really wish my brothers lived close - they are both REALLY good and FAST at this sort of stuff!)   I think the real issue Randy has with the swing set is John is leaving the toddler stage and becoming a little boy.  John is almost 40 pounds...over 3 foot tall, wearing a size 9 shoe and 4T clothes - he looks like he is about 4 or 5.

I bought the cedar swing set from Wal-Mart and had it delivered to the store - which meant shipping was free!  You know I am not a BIG fan of Wally World but this service is really good!  Yesterday afternoon I organized the entire swing set kit I made sure all the pieces were in the box.  All the screw drivers and such are charged and ready to go.  Randy took today off to help me.  I am ready.  I mean I am ready....I am dressed and ready to go. on the couch.  Not so ready.  Hummmmmm.

Where's my brothers!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Here is what it should look like.



Linda said...

Good luck. Can't wait to see it and John's face. He will LOVE it!

Laurie said...

He'll love it! My dad built a swingset in time for Sara's second birthday party and she did great on it. Sophie just turned 2 and she climbs all over it and plays just like the big kids do.

Darla said...

All the kids - our grandkids and other kids - love the swingset/playhouse/slide. I think they will enjoy it even more as they get older and can "play house" up in the top part. There is also a place for a sandbox underneath. I will put sand in for the first time this year.

No one has ever got hurt or fallen - until last Sunday when we left the men in charge of the kids for a short while. We don't know all the details, but were told that "Sophie fell". Pop did say he thought she fell pretty hard, but few other details. She seems ok, and apparently there were no broken bones. But truthfully, the risk of someone getting hurt is well worth the risk when compared to the hours of fun the kids have had and will continue to have.

I know John will be very happy to have his own small place in the outside world to enjoy being a boy.

Melissa said...

YAY!!! That will be so FUN!