Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Apple Does Not Fall Far...

103-0321_IMGJohn loves ice.  He loves to chew ice, crunch ice, & I am constantly yelling at him to get his hand out of his cup!  John's Uncle Kevin loves ice.  Every time John crunches on ice I think of Kevin.

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John loves books.  Everyday you will find him in the floor on his belly with his little legs bend behind him looking at a book.  He loves to be read to and enjoys picking out objects in the pictures.  This reminds me of his Aunt Leelee.  Aunt Leelee loves to read and she encourages youngsters everywhere to read.  And she always buys John the best books to read.


One of my favorite memories growing up is my oldest brother Allen always saying "Hi".  It could be the middle of day, I would have been with him the entire time, and then he would like at me and say "Hi".  He constantly...for no reasons says "Hi".  I love it.  It always makes me smile.  John does this.  It will be the middle of the day and he will just look at me and say "Hi".  Aww....I can not begin to tell you how it WARMS my heart!


John loves to  color, paint, and be creative - like his Aunt Gloria.  John loves the gifts Aunt Gloria gives him - they are always creative, colorful, and fun.  John has a one of a kind stick pony that is way better than any thing you could buy - his Aunt Gloria made it.  It is one of his most favorite possessions.  When I see him enjoy his pony or Thomas blanket - I think of his Aunt Gloria!


John's Uncle Kelly is the official "outdoors man"!  If it is something outdoors than Kelly is the man!  Skiing, fishing, hunting, camping, jumping out of airplanes or helicopters - Kelly has done it!  John like his Uncle Kelly loves to be outside!  I can already hear John tell me and Daddy that he is going camping with Kelly.  Goodness knows I don't go anywhere Conrad Hilton hasn't been!


Aunt Christi loves bread.  She could live by bread alone.  On our honeymoon we brought back little gifts for everyone - we brought Christi a loaf of sour dough bread - she was so excited!  John LOVES bread.  I have to hide the sandwich bread or he would make me crazy wanting a it all day!  Any type of rolls, bread, or muffins John loves it.  I laugh and call him Christi when I see him get excited over a piece of bread!


When Larry and I lived together something that would makes me crazy was Larry's television "habit".  Larry would turn on a movie or game and then fall asleep but if I would turn the TV off he would come up out of his chair so mad!  He would be SOUND asleep SNORING but the second the sound was gone he was mad!  Well...John has this thing about the TV.  He wants Thomas the Train to be constantly playing.  Most of the time he does not watch it but he wants it on and if you turn it off - WOW - here comes the Uncle Larry attitude!

S5001210Aunt Julie is John's phone buddy.  Everyday he brings me the phone and says "Ju-Ju"....which mean he wants to talk to Julie.  John reminds me of his Aunt Julie cause he likes to have fun...and Aunt Julie is fun.  He likes to laugh and be silly - which reminds me of his Aunt Ju-Ju

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Linda said...

Love it. And you are so blessed to be reminded of all of us every day. :)