Saturday, March 20, 2010 to love them.

I love Canadian Geese.  094b6a5d42ca0e8c

I love to drive past the ponds or open fields and see what seems to be hundreds of them with their long proud necks.  I have let John fed them on several occasions and they have been nice...not like some rude ducks or aggressive swans we have encountered.  They seem more appreciative for the extra food.  :)

I love hear the Geese fly - you can always hear them coming!  Canada Geese make a distinctive deep honking call.  There is something about this honking that warms my heart....I am not sure why but it just does.  When I hear it I often stop and wonder where they are headed.  We never had these types of Geese where I grew up so I have a new love for them and squirrels...but that is a different blog!

One of my favorite new television preachers is Joseph Prince.  He is from is so awesome to see Asian people embrace Christianity! one of his sermons the other day he said that the "honking" that Canadian Geese m55ed1f64be507592ake is actually words of encouragement to each other!  Seriously....he said that when they "honk" they are actually telling the head Goose - "keep up the hard work", "thanks for the good job", or "way to go".  Okay - that may be a little far-fetched but I love to believe it is true.  So now every time I hear them "honking" I like to think of them encouraging each other!


Linda said...

It is true. They also communicate when they want to change leaders and the current leader moves to the back of the formation where he can rest as they catch less drag and don't have to fly as hard.

Laura Fiskin said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we humans did the same thing...encouraging each other as we go. I know that I really try to lift people up when they are walking through fire but I never remember to lift them up in their day to day walk. It also reminds me to do the same with my kids.