Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward

imagesI hate the time change!

Do you?

Why do we have to do this ritual that has been done since 1918. Why can't we join states like Arizona and Hawaii and say no? Let's just pick one way and stick to it! It seems like the older I get the harder it is to adjust. For the next week I will look at the clock and re-adjust the time in my head...when it's 5pm I will think..."ohhh just a few days ago it was only 4pm and I still had enough time to get stuff done but now that the Government has control over my time I am rushed!" Or I will wake up and it's dark outside and think..."oh yea..I can potty and go back to bed"...only to realize it is 7:55am! Then tonight John will argue about a bath since it will not be dark..."Momma - it's no dark??" Then I will look at the clock that reads 8:38pm and think..."I wish it was 7:38pm".

I remember my Mom & Dad complaining about the time change when I was young...but I loved it...when I was younger! With an extra hour I could spend another hour outside with my friends. Now...hardly any kids go outside so lets keep it one way and leave it alone! I see no significance to this idea...and who will ever know they true reason why? I have heard every reason why we have to change the time...from sporting events, or so congressmen could play golf longer, to energy, to electricity, or whatever! Here is some more information if you would like to read more into this archaic thinking. Time after Time

I better go is 8:24am and I have not even got slightly accomplished what I had accomplished by this time yesterday!!!

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Janine Deckard said...

I hate the time change too! At least the kids have spring break to adjust to the difference, but I have to get to work early so I'm really dreading Monday morning. I woke at 5 yesterday. 7 today. I wasted 2 hours!