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Main Entry: pas·sion Pronunciation: \ˈpa-shən\ Function: noun 1 obsolete : suffering
2 : the state of being acted on by external agents or forces.
3 emotion the emotions as distinguished from reason . 4 a : ardent affection : love b : a strong liking or desire.

I don't remember being passionate about something. Sure...I have had passion for my husband and been compassionate to others but I do not remember having a passion or being passionate about something. That changed in 2003. Now I am very passionate about something. This something will make me debate a stranger, argue with family, and make me cry instantly.

Let me take you back to 1995...I was 23. There was a young girl that lived across the street from me in Odessa. We grew up together...she was 8 years younger than me...I remember the day her parents brought her home from the hospital. I would spend hours at her house helping her Mom feed her, bath her,and fold her clothes. This girl - Brittney and I became very close friends. Fast Forward 15 Years... Brittney was about to start high school - she had the world by the tail. She was beautiful, very smart, on the golf team, swim team, debate team...get the picture - she was the all American girl. She started dating this guy that I really didn't care for but I didn't say anything to her...I figured it was a rebellious streak. One summer day she came over and asked if we could talk privately on the front porch. She didn't seemed worried or upset but I could tell something was going on. She told me...she was pregnant. How could it be? How could she ruin her life with a baby? She was just a baby! She has her future in front of her!! Without hesitation I told her that we would go to Lubbock and get this taken care of immediately! We would not tell ANYONE! I would pay for it and we would dispose of this little problem. I will never forget what happened next. She looked right at me and said "No-thank and Caitlin are just fine and we will be just fine!" I was shocked! For one thing....she was barely a month pregnant and she knows it is going to be a girl? And she has a name for it? I did not try to talk her out of it. I could tell her mind was made up. My next step was to support her 100%. Brittney had her Caitlin nine months later.

Abortion. I thought abortion was a woman's right. We had to fight hard for this freedom in 1972 - I should be proud to be a woman and to be able to choose! I had a uterus and I had a VOTE! No man on a hill in Washington was going to tell me how to live my life! Abortion wasn't right for me....I always wanted to be a Mommy but I think other women should have this right!

Then... In 1997 I looked out our front window and I seen Caitlin come bouncing across the street to see her Aunt Tina. When I seen her with her blonde locks blowing in the breeze....these big bright eyes, and a smile that could light a room up I started crying. I actually started bawling. She looked just like her Mother when her Mother was that age. How could I have wanted to kill her? Yes...that is what abortion is - murder.

That's when the change started. I was not 100% opposed to abortion but I had made up my mind that it wasn't a good thing. I started searching for the truth and the truth came in the form of a person - Randy. After we had been dating several months he asked me where I stood on this "topic" and I told him. He told me what he thought - 100% against abortion and gave me a tract to read. I started praying that night for answers and the truth. I asked God to change my heart.

My heart. The Lord placed it on my heart in 2002 to start volunteering at CareNet Pregnancy Center. I took the training in January 2003 and my life changed. I got passion. Passion for the unborn.

Something to make you think. In the United States over a million women will choose abortion this year.

Percentage of abortions performed due to life or health threat to the mother: 1%

Percentage of abortions performed due to rape or incest: 2%

Percentage of abortions performed due to health of the baby: 4%

Percentage of abortions performed for social reasons: 93%

Percentage of abortions performed on women under the age of 25 50%.

We need to educate women on abortion. Women need to know the truth.

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart." - God

Do you think God is Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

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Linda said...

Definitely Pro-Life. You and I have discussed this many times. I do wish all pregnant women would choose life. There are so many people (like me for instance) that would have loved the opportunity to be a mom and was not given that chance. It makes no sense to me, but someday I guess we will have the answer. Abortion is sin.