Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Moment

I have self-esteem issues.  Always have. 

I have never been satisfied with the way I look.  I have  moments that I think..."I look sort of cute " but those days are few and far between.  I would never have surgery to alter...wait...yes I would.  I would like to have my nose redone, the turkey neck thing needs to go, the bags under my eyes, maybe some Botox in a few areas, the Lap-Band surgery would be perfect, and then a doctor could go in there and completely lift, tuck and adjust everything!

Then what.

Will I be satisfied?

Why can't I be happy with the way my Father designed me?  Does He get offended when people re-do His handy work?  As if they are saying...I can do better than you can.  Like this woman - 10 surgeries in one day.



This is the before and after shot.  Her favorite new thing about her make-over...her chin.  Her husband's favorite new thing...her hair.  Is she happy?  Did this satisfy she really happy?

I know that surgery will not satisfy me.  I have to learn to be happy in my own skin and accept who I am.  I have to learn to love myself. 

I heard a quote the other day from Gabourey Sidibe that I really loved.  In fact I printed it on special paper and have it posted in several spots around my house.  She said:

"I love myself because I am so much more than what I look like".

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Mookie 59 said...

I think you are fine as a beautiful woman can ever be...Respectfully,Kevin