Friday, February 5, 2010

The House for a Mouse

WDWWhereDreamsComeTrueCastleFAB6Disney World - it truly is a magical place.  I have been once and that was 25 years ago - it was one of the best vacations ever!            I am very excited to take John to see the shrine built in honor of a mouse.  I want to wait until he is a few years older so he can really enjoy it and remember it!  Every time we see the Disney logo I promise John that I am going to take him there - someday.

John is starting to really get "into" movies now.  The last two nights we have watched two Disney Movies - "Ratatouille" and "Up".  I made ratatouille for dinner Wednesday night so we HAD to watch that movie as we ate the ratatouille.  Very cute movie but John and I were not too crazy about the ratatouille -  Randy liked it.  We watched "Up" last night and had a good cry.  Even though "Up" is a animated film it is more for adults.  I highly recommend it!!!  It was a very sweet and funny movie.

John and I have watched other movies while Daddy is at work - "Snow White", "Pinocchio", and  "Lady & The Tramp".  I want to buy him "Lion King" for Valentines - that is one of my favorites!


As I am older now and paying more attention to the movie I have noticed something about these Disney movies...and it sort of bothers me. 

In almost all of the Disney movies someone or something dies.  For the most of is a parent or significant person in their life.  For example....where is Snow White's Mother or Cinderella's Mother and why does the step-mother have to be wicked?  (I actually know a few step-mothers that are not wicked but I also know one....oh - never mind!)  How about Lion King - why does the Dad have to die...IN FRONT of the son?  Where is the Mother in Ratatouille?  I could go on and on....but do you see my point?

What's up with that?

Oh well....everyone in the movie does live happily ever after - right?  And that's the point - right?  Just thinking out loud.

Side Note....John's cousin Ryan bought him a Mickey and Minnie Mouse for Christmas - and John love's them!!  Especially Minnie!  Almost daily we have to give them a bottle and lay them down for naps!  It is really funny.  John carries that Minnie around - everywhere!

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