Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Moment

I love Facebook.  I love to see what my grade/high school friends are doing now, look at their families...and try to understand why we were friends in the first place - ha...ha...ha

What I  mean is...I don't have much in common with most of them - political views, families, & religion.  It is funny how we all change.  I am definitely not the girl I was 20+ years ago.  I like to think I changed for the better - Randy always quotes Winston Churchill  - "if you are not liberal at 20 you have no heart; if you are not conservative by 30 you have no brains."

The thing that scares me about Facebook are the pictures.  Pictures have started to of me.  (FYI - Not to worry I have no nudes or anything like that...just bizarre photos.)

Like this photo.22467_1353279113398_1274019436_1013397_3495193_n

This is part of my drama class - Mrs. Head was our teacher & she was my favorite!  (Side note - Mrs. Head 's  favorite Aunt was Tina Bush which happened to be my Mom's best friend -  who I was named after.) I am not sure why I was so happy here...Randy says "this must have been on one of Tina's not happy days".  I have no memory of this photo - or even remember the shirt I had on.

Have you ever wondered about all the pictures of yourself...floating in someone's shoe box in the top of their closet?  Hmmmm...


Linda said...

Wondering about the photos floating around . . . that's more of a nightmare in my book.

Linda said...

YEAH!!! You took off comment moderation!!! I'll tell Mookie he better be on good behavior!!!