Sunday, February 7, 2010

Random Thoughts.....

  • I am sort of frustrated that I have major plumbing issues right now.  However...there is a plumber here now...on Sunday...fixing the issue.  And since it is a second visit for the same issue - it is no cost to us.  Another positive is I don't have to deal with it because Randy is here.  John keeps running and screaming with joy from the office to the kitchen giving me updates.  It is very funny.
  • I am going to make my vanilla pudding coconut cake for Super Bowl Sunday.  I might eat the entire thing by myself....cause it is just that sort of day.
  • I am going to holler for the Colts today.  It really doesn't matter but I like Peyton Manning's commercials....and I like the name Peyton.  Randy would never let me name a son Peyton or Tucker or Jubal.
  • I really like burned popcorn.
  • I seen something that I really don't LIKE yesterday at Wal-Mart and it caused me to hyperventilate  and almost made me completely abandon my cart.
  • I hate snow when it is dirty.
  • I feel like I could go back to bed and sleep another 8 hours.
  • I hope there are some FUNNY commercials today.


Laura Fiskin said...

Random responses:
Save me some vanilla pudding cake.
Dirty snow is depressing and at least in ND we get so much continual snow that it isnt dirty gross until April.
I refuse to watch the Super Bowl because my two boys (Brett Favre and Jared Allen) were denied the chance to play.
I really love you.
You are the best best friend ever.

Linda said...

More random thoughts:
I love big family get togethers.
I love it even more when everyone goes home.
I too hate dirty, black snow.
I too saw something really disgusting at WalMart the other day. Let's compare tales and see who wins!
I could eat a whole bag of chips and dips by myself.
Very tired of the snow.
I can definitely relate to the plumbing problems. We've had our share too.