Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!

106-0644_IMG My Mom is my very best friend - I am very blessed to have her as a Mother.  She is my #1 fan, head cheerleader, and my go-to person when things go awry.

She had my brothers in her early twenties...and fifteen years later at the age of 37 she had me.  When she found out she was pregnant with me she immediately started calling me Tina.  Since her age was considered "high-risk" for pregnancy and she was RH-negative blood type the doctors constantly told her that I would not live, that she would not be able to carry me full-term, and chance I was born alive I would be very sick and I would have to have my blood changed immediately.  She worried...and she wouldn't buy any baby items...but she would tell everyone that "her & Tina were just fine".  When I was born a few weeks before my due date I was perfectly healthy...except for a little jaundice.

Maybe it is why we are so close? started in the womb.

She had her boys but they were becoming men.  I guess God knew Mom would not want an empty nest.  It makes me laugh to think about my youngest brother Larry graduating school in May of 1977...and I started Kindergarten in September 1977.  She was getting one out...and just starting another one! 

Mom and I are alike in so many ways...we like to have everything in it's proper place, if there is a job to do then we do it - right that second, we both love purses, cold Cokes, Elvis, and I totally agree with her that King George is the next best thing to slice bread!

I w309164e7ae1db3b4ill conclude my salute to my dear Mom by thanking her.  She gave me everything and went without.  She went along with me when I decided to change an overnight girls trip to Santa Fe into a week long vacation - across the Continental United State!  She has made me laugh until liquid spewed from my nose.  She drove me all over Texas looking for the perfect dress to wear to a dance...and then sheIMG_0026 worked days making me the of a kind prom dress.  I almost went to jail with my Mom.  I have...cried the most with my Mom, laughed the most with my Mom, worried the most with my Mom, enjoy the most  with my Mom, and treasured every moment with my Mom - how many girls can say that?

Happy Birthday Gertie.

I love you.  2


Linda said...

Great post. I love your mamma too. We are lucky girls to have the mammas we got. Love to you and your mamma. Happy Birthday Mary.

jandera said...

What a precious post. You could not have said it better. But now you have my curiousity up? Jail? I can't see you two as Jailbirds!!

Yes, we did have the greatest MOMS ever!!