Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy 75th Birthday Elvis!

Despite what many people may think I am not a huge Elvis fanatic.

Wait....let me clarify this...I am an Elvis fan but not one of those types that has lots of his records, wears shirts with a355a933f7c87baehis imagine, has over a dozen coffee mugs referencing Elvis, been to Graceland more than once, has several Elvis collectable dolls, at least five purses/bags with Elvis on them, bought her son a shirt about Elvis so that he can match his Mother on Elvis's birthday and death day, has one of the best memories with my Mom & brother regarding Elvis & a stamp & an investigation, and no I don't eat peanut butter & banana sandwiches...without thinking about him.

Okay...I guess I am a huge Elvis fanatic.  There.  I admitted it.  Everyone has at least one friend like this...and I am your friend like this.

I don't worship him.  I don't like to call him the king. And I do think he was apart of the "fall" of society.  But I still like him.  When I see him I just smile.  I think of happy times & memories.

This crazy addiction  started at a young age thanks 239dbda8e7f8525cto my folks.  I actually got to see Elvis in 1977 - two months before he died.  I was five years old and remember everything about the concert.  When he would pull the scarves off from around his neck I can remember wanting to have one to give my Momma.

So twice a year in this Hare household you can drop by and hear a cd player constantly belting out Elvis tunes, see an Elvis movie on the television,  taste a peanut butter & banana sandwich, and hear a middle aged woman reminisce a funny story about Elvis.

Here is my favorite clip from my favorite Elvis movie...which I actually don't own!  See...I am not that big of fan!  (Be sure to mute the sound on my player below if you watch this clip!)


Linda said...

Tonight is the first time today I have had time to check blogs. I was wondering if you would do an Elvis Birthday Blog. Let's see, I know you eat peanut butter/banana sandwiches, I know you have at least one Elvis shirt, I know you have been to Graceland, I know you have at least one Elvis purse, but I think 2, you just showed me your new one. So . . . I think you are "that" fan. I remember the day he died, I was working at Nunn and there was a lady that worked at the desk next to mine and she cried all day. I must admit I was a little put out as in my opinion there is only one King. I did/do like Elvis music and love to watch his old movies. I would even go to Graceland at least once. I think he was just a regular country guy that loved his mama and the world just sucked the life right out of him. Okay, this should have been a blog instead of a comment. Sorry.

Melissa said...

Love it! I saw on the tv in the gym that it was his 75th, and I totally thought of you and that purse I gave you one year for your bday. Heehee!