Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Happy Boy

We are doing much better - not 100% but better.  I feel better today than I have in a week...although I have no voice whatsoever - which is a nice break for Randy...and John thinks it's funny.

Our Christmas was sort of a bummer but praise the Lord it could have been much worse!  I haven't taken many pictures of John and his new loot but I did snap this photo on him on his new pony...which he named "Toot-Toot" - imagine that.  For those of you not around John..."toot-toot" is his favorite saying!IMG_5402IMG_5401You should see this little boy jump up on this pony!!  He makes me a little nervous - he tries to make it a wild horse!  He has given pony rides to all of his stuffed animals..with the hat on.  It is really sweet.

John's biggest gift...and his most favorite gift was what Santa brought to MaMa & PaPa's house - his first electric train.

The first look... IMG_5425

Now for the close-up... IMG_5428

PaPa showing John how it works...IMG_5441

John learned quickly how to turn the train on...the Santa Fe train that is.  No one had to show him how to change directions, blow the whistle, or slow the train down - it was like he had played with one before!  The only problem was John liked the train to go fast...all the time!IMG_5444IMG_5446 

John was so happy and proud of his Santa Fe.   Thank you MaMa & PaPa...he loves his Santa Fe.  IMG_5447IMG_5449



Darla said...

These pictures of John with your Daddy are priceless! I know you (and he) will treasure them always.

Linda said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. I love seeing a smiling John. Hopefully we will get to see you this week and exchange gifts.

Melissa said...

Look at him on that horse! And the train?!? By far the coolest Christmas present I've seen in a very long time!! I love how he and your parents interact. You can tell they are just crazy about him. ;)